Odd happenings!

  TN 11:20 17 Jun 2007

I wonder if anyone can explain something that happened on my internet connection yesterday - I live just over 7 miles from the telephone exchange and subsequently my fastest download speed is around 60 kBs/sec. Yesterday out of the blue I started getting a download which was shown on my DU Meter as just over 2 MB/sec - I had not requested any download and this lasted for just over an hour! I can find nothing new on my computer - has this happened to anyone else and if I can get 2MB/sec once why can I not get it all the time??? Thanks for any help or advice.

  Kate B 12:59 17 Jun 2007

I'd do a scan with all the usual antimalware - any download you didn't ask for should be treated with suspicion. Also, different servers allow different download speeds. This is extrapolating, but if I were installing crap on people's machines via malware, I'd want the download to go as fast as possible so I'd allocate maximum bandwidth.

  TN 21:24 17 Jun 2007

Thanks Kate B - I have Comodo Firewall, Comodo Anti Virus, Spy Bot Search & Destroy and Spyware Doctor all running on my computer: That is why I don't think it is malware but what I cannot understand is why I was receiving a download at a speed which I am told is impossible considering how far I am from the exchange - someone suggested that BT were trying out something new on my line to see if the speed was possible but I am still not convinced!

  Dipso 22:09 17 Jun 2007

That is strange! I hope you're not on a usage limit as downloading something at that speed for an hour will have used it up.

Can your ISP not shed any light on this?

  ambra4 01:20 18 Jun 2007


When BT is upgrading there system or installing new software upgrades at the exchange, they have to also upgrade all the modems on the system, to do this they sent the commands at the highest speed that your modem is set for in this way all the upgrade will be done in the shortest time.

If I have a 8GBs line my download speed would be 8Gbs

Bt is the only one who can change your download speed no other user,ISP, Spyware, server,ect can change the download speed at the exchange.

Hope that answer you question so stop worrying about it

  Dipso 06:59 18 Jun 2007

You have an 8GB line? Is that Gig not Meg?

TN was receiving the download at the equivalent of 16 Meg, only the faster LLU providers can provide home broadband speeds that fast currently, even then, not on such a long line.

Are you referring to BT broadband automatically updating their Home Hub software or something else? Do we know that TN is on BT broadband or with another provider?

  TN 08:49 18 Jun 2007

I am with TalkTalk but they do not have access to my telephone line as that is held by BT. There are no LLU exchanges in Northern Ireland yet and that is why TalkTalk cannot give free broadband here.

  Dipso 16:29 18 Jun 2007

As it would be impossible to get that sort of speed from your long line (my best is 1.57MB/Sec = approx 12.5 Meg but I have a 16 Meg connection)I would have to conclude DU Meter was misrerporting...never heard of this before though.

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