Odd folders found on C:\ help please.Thanks

  bof:) 11:58 13 Sep 2007

Hi All, I've found folders called Folder000 to Folder 012 on my hardrive.

I'm not sure what they are and although I've got folder settings to show hidden folders, the folders are greyed out but show as empty when you open them.

I've put them in the recycle bin and run Avast free (thorough) and AVG antispyware o the whole of the hardrive and no virus/spyware have been found.

Can anyone tell me what the folders are for and where they are from please.

many thanks,


ps, the only new program I've downloaded was Avast which I've exchanged for AVG (free)

  Trackrat 12:18 13 Sep 2007

Try right clicking one of the files then select properties and see what the extension to the file is (ie .exe /.doc etc) and Google it to find what type of file it is.

  martjc 13:01 13 Sep 2007

...may be renamed folders. Scandisk does this but there is often nothing you can do with the folders.
I'd just delete them if they are empty.

  bof:) 14:21 13 Sep 2007

Hi Trackrat and martjc, thank you for the quick replies.

I've looked at the Properties but no extension is given.

In the Atribs there is a tick in read only and in hidden. I am unable to untick these settings.

The dates created go from 10.May 2006 for Folder Found000

To 10.Sept 2007 for Folder Found0012.

The only problem is I cannot remember them sitting on my c:\ folder since 2006? Also I have not done that many Scandisks.

The difference between the creation dates for Found000 and Found001 is only 12 days.

Its very odd?

Any other thoughts please?


  mrwoowoo 14:36 13 Sep 2007

Your pc must be doing a scandisk at start up,or at some time as these appear to be disk errors.
some folder of windows had a bad file access table entry so it was renamed to some folder000 and parked in a FOUND.xyz folder.
Not sure these should be deleted though as the system may need them.
Need someone a bit more techy to answer that i'm afraid.

  Technotiger 14:43 13 Sep 2007

Assuming everything is working ok then I would go with martjc's suggestion and delete them - you've already put them in re-cycle bin, so from there I would say it is safe to Empty the recycle bin.

  martjc 10:15 14 Sep 2007

...even if you can't delete them, they aren't taking up much space and won't hurt your system in any way. Just pretend they're not there ;)

  bof:) 18:44 20 Sep 2007

Hi all, deleted as you suggested,

Many thanks for all your help,


  Technotiger 18:48 20 Sep 2007

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

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