Odd DVD drive problem

  cycoze 21:30 10 Jan 2004

I have a Pioneer DVD-115 drive installed on a Win98SE machine , running WinDVD .

The drive plays CD`s fine , it also plays regionless DVD`s without any problems , now here is the odd part , it refuses to play any other dvd`s , i have tried both region 1 and 2 , the drive shows nothing !

I have tried cleaning it , checked everything in Windows , checked the cabling , downloaded and ran software to check the drive isnt locked (it isnt) , i have restored a previously working image of the hard drive , about the only things i have tried is installing in another machine or flashing the firmware .

I realise the drive is a few years old now (2000), and may well be on the way out , drives are cheap enough now , has anyone seen anything like this before?

  cycoze 21:56 11 Jan 2004


  cycoze 17:22 14 Jan 2004


  Stuartli 17:44 14 Jan 2004

Perhaps you have used up the region changes available - usually four or five, before it locks onto the final choice.

Try keying in Pioneer 115 into google and see if you can find a means of allowing it to play any region.

However, a new Pioneer DVD-ROM can be yours for around £25.

  cycoze 19:13 16 Jan 2004

But i know the drive isnt locked , i have tried it in another machine and the same thing is happening.

I have replaced the drive and all is well on that machine , i now have to replace a CD-RW in another of my machines , which funnily enough was bought about a month after i bought the DVD drive , spooky !

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