odd broadband problem

  Lee.A 15:11 14 May 2008

can some one help please
we have a broadband connection that drops out everytime we turn the tv on??
now we know the telephone cable runs behind the tv.
also we have disconnected every telephone and sky box and as soon as the tv turns on bang down goes the internet connection.

we have an LCD tv if this helps??

please help as this is beginning to bug me and as an electrician its frustrating

  Chas49 16:43 14 May 2008

The only thing that your Broadband Connection and the LCD T/V have in common is the power source - both presumably connected to the mains. It sounds like you're getting one hell of a spike in the power supply which is sufficient to trip the modem/router off.

Personally, I have every computer item connected to the power source via a Belkin Surgemaster - at least I think that is what it is called.

Apart from that Lee.A I have no other ideas.

  crosstrainer 17:01 14 May 2008

The power theory sounds right to me....To check it, switch on your tv with the computer off and routers modem powered down.

When the telly's running, switch on your broadband kit, boot the computer and see if you have a connection.

If you do invest in surge protection as advised by Chas49.

  Lee.A 08:58 15 May 2008

ok all the computer items including the router is via a surge protection socket

also if the tv is on we have no connection it is starting to look like when the house was built the bt cables and power cables were run together at some point and so its getting an induced voltage which iss disrupting the signal what do u guys think??

  €dstowe 09:08 15 May 2008

Despite what it might seem, the varistors in surge protection equipment "wear out".

How old is the protection box?

Also, if it has been working hard protecting the equipment, it may well have expired before its due time.

  jack 09:10 15 May 2008

Therefore there is a telephone link in this equation
They SKY box is telephone connected.
I think you will find the REM factor comes in here.
Too much demand on the phone line.

  Lee.A 09:13 15 May 2008

ok the sky box is disconnected so thats not an issue as for the age of the surge protection socket not sure
tried booting the router with the tv already on same prob no connection

  Chas49 19:48 15 May 2008

The cables beneath my desk look like sphagetti junction, power cables crossing others at all angles - can't say that this has caused any probs though. It will be interesting to see if someone has a solution for you. Good Luck.

  Ditch999 19:53 15 May 2008

Do you get BB and TV from the same supplier? ADSL or cable?

  Ditch999 19:55 15 May 2008

Are there microfilters on every telephone socket including the SKY one?

  Lee.A 08:10 16 May 2008

BB and TV are from seperate suppliers as its non cable and as for the micro filters i have unplugged them all so the only one i got in is the one for the router and everything else phones etc have been removed??

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