odd behaviour

  jbaker65 17:38 29 Aug 2009

I have a second computer which I keep to do any long-winded jobs while I work on my first computer. I had some problems on it so I wiped the hard drive and started to re-load winXP. After many attempts which all resulted in the BSOD, I decided to try my old win 98se disc. This loaded OK with no problems and it is now running fine. Does anyone have any clues as to why XP would not load although it used to run XP with no problems.
It is an Athlon 1.7 gig processor with a 40 gig hard drive, 1/2 a gig ram on a v266 m/b.
p.s. I am reasonably experienced on dealing with computers which I have always built myself, but this has me stumped.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 29 Aug 2009

Delete all partitions and format before installing Windows XP

  GaT7 19:58 29 Aug 2009

Another thing to do is a thorough disk check. Connect it up to your other PC & run it there. WinXP can be a a bit sensitive if the disk is a little dodgy. G

  jbaker65 06:53 30 Aug 2009

Hi Fruit Bat. I did delete all and format.
Hi Crossbow. Ran a full check on hard drive, all OK.

  OTT_Buzzard 07:24 30 Aug 2009

What problems were you having to start with to make you reload XP? Possibly relatedto problems reinstalling?

  jbaker65 08:38 30 Aug 2009

OTT, sounds daft but I can't remember as I had let it stand for a while before getting round to re-installing.

  sharpamat 08:51 30 Aug 2009

what method did you use to format your hard drive? presume you did format to NTFS not Fat 32

If its running 98 you could put your XP Disc in and try an upgrade to XP this may in turn highlight the Problem

  jbaker65 11:25 30 Aug 2009

Sharpamat, I used fdisk program to delete partitions and then used "format c: /s" to format new partition.
Formatted as ntfs but winXP will load onto ntfs or fat32. Thanks for trying

  jack 11:36 30 Aug 2009

An aged Evesham that one of my flock has has been particularly troublesome these past months- with 'upgrades' and reinstalls galore.
This most recent time however- a full F/Ddisk 'clear'and format and then install XP which wanted also to 'Format' seems to have done it.
I had it running for 4 days as a 'soak' and was able to return it 'reborn' on Friday last[Fingers Crossed]

  jbaker65 08:55 31 Aug 2009

Following advice from Microsofts knowlege base, I disabled cpu cache in bios and tried again. This time XP loaded but so slowly it took about 16 hours to get through installation.
It would appear that my cpu is giving up the ghost.
Thanks to those who offered help. I will now mark as resolved.

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