OCR using an Epson V350 Scanner

  thegreypanther 12:51 10 May 2007

I purchased an Epson V350 scanner thinking that this would enable me to carry out OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on documents. No such luck.
The scanner DOESN'T come with a Twain driver (and looking at Epson's website it doesn't appear as though there IS a Twain driver for the V350).
Any ideas as to how I can carry out OCR on a document using this particular scanner?

  pj123 13:15 10 May 2007

According to this site: click here

the Epson V350 comes with ABBYY Fine Reader which is a very good OCR. I have it with my Epson 3170 scanner.

You need to run the ABBYY application and then scan your document in using that.

  thegreypanther 13:38 10 May 2007

Thanks pj123.
However, looks like the ABBYY application hasn't been included with the software disc that came with this particular scanner. Unless I'm being thick and it's there but not showing up.
Looks like another line to Epson is required.

  pj123 16:24 10 May 2007

Very strange. I wouldn't have thought Epson would be sending out scanners - some with and some without - the relevant software.

I have been using Epson stuff for years now (printers, scanners etc.) and have always had a really good selection of software as "extras".

I got Professor Franklin, Corel Print House Magic and Avery Print Studio. But every scanner I have had has always included an OCR. Sometimes it is Omnipage, sometimes ReadIris.

This site reckons they have the only FREE OCR software dowloadable.

Is it worth a try?

click here

  thegreypanther 16:38 10 May 2007

pj123, - I'll give the website a try.
Like you, I've previously used Epson scanners (e.g. the Perfection 1650), and they have come with bundled software, - including an OCR program.
But although this scanner - the V350 - seems to be otherwise perfectly OK, the one thing which I use a lot and which isn't there is an OCR package!

This MAY have something to do with the wretched Vista x64 incompatibility problem which seems to affect just about every device and program.

I'll carry on searching, and checking with Epson.

  thegreypanther 19:24 10 May 2007

Having found that ABBYY Fine Reader is bundled with the Epson v350 scanner (not mentioned in the instructions, but found on the software disc) I gave it a try.

Straight away I got the error message, - "Can't find Epson Twain 5 driver...".
Not surprising, as the V350 scanner DOESN'T COME with a Twain driver!

So, how does one get round THAT little surprise!

  thegreypanther 20:43 10 May 2007

Cracked it!!!
I WAS being thick. All you had to do with ABBYY FineReader was to say that you were using an Epson V350 scanner (one of the options) and it performed like a dream.
So many thanks pj123, many thanks PC Advisor Help Forum, - and many thanks ABBYY Fine Reader for providing an excellent bit of OCR software!

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