OCR with "unusual" font

  Gaz W 16:51 30 Oct 2003

I have scanned in a form from my local council using OCR in order to type on it. The font looks similar to Arial, but it's not quite the same. When I scanned in the document, the apostrophes were all in a different font (Times New Roman).

The font that appears in Word is PMingLiU, although I don't even have that installed. If I select an apostrophe and change the font by typing PMingLiU manually, it appears, but with a large space after it that can't be deleted, because it's actually part of the character (is if it's double the width of a standard character).

The font appears OK just like the original form, and changing the font for the apostrophe makes it look like the one on the form, but as I say it has a big space just after it.

I copied the apostrophe to see if it displayed the same problems here, but it's just a single character as you would expect:

Council Form?s apostrophe

  A_World_Maker 17:09 30 Oct 2003

Got me confused by saying you managed to get a font to display, that you don't have anywhere on your system.
As the mystry font is close to Arial and doesn't cause the double space, why not use it?

  Pesala 17:26 30 Oct 2003

I assume that you're just curious to know where the strange font came from. A similar thing happens if you type some Thai characters in Wordpad. In Wordpad, select Times or Arial and a nice big point size, and type out 3590, 3591, 3592, ad nauseum, on the numeric keypad. You will notice a font called Cordia New in the font dialogue box, which I am sure you don't have installed on your system.

Maybe someone can explain why Microsoft have done this, but that may be the explanation for your problem. The OCR package has apparently recognised the apostrophe as belonging to another character set. I have no idea which character set it belongs to - it doesn't seem to be Arabic or Hebrew. Take a close look at your Insert Symbol Dialogue in Word and you might discover where it comes from.

  jonnytub 19:29 30 Oct 2003

just a suggestion, but have you tried to download the font from the 1000's available on the web, if not try searching for the font and then save it to c: windows, fonts. This will allow the pc to refer to the font next time you scan.

  Gaz W 01:04 02 Nov 2003

Sorry for late reply.

If any of you are still there I downloaded the font, but it is completely different to the one I get; i.e. it is serif and the one on the original is clearly sans serif. However, I think I will just use Arial, since it's similar enough.

By the way, the apostrophe is exactly the same as the comma in Arial, so I could just use that and superscript it.

Thanks for your suggestions,


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