OCR lost the files.

  1936 19:27 19 Mar 2009

OCR files saved in Word disappeared
I scanned 300 pages using OCR saving them to Word. When I finished the document I went into File to save and a nasty notice came up saying that the application had to close. When I opened the folder I had saved to the files were all there but each one only opened to show page 1 so I have 300 files showing just page 1 when it should have been page 1 to page 300.
I went into Search and found 300 folders with the title, “OcrImage” varying in size from 20KB to 80KB but try as hard as I could I can not find a way to open them to see if the contain my lost files/pages.
When I was learning how to use the OCR to Word function and came to the end of scanning I saved to a folder and when I opened the folder it shoed all the individual pages I had saved and the last file opened with all the pages I had scanned.
Does anyone have any idea what went wrong?

  DieSse 22:29 19 Mar 2009

"Does anyone have any idea what went wrong?"

Unfortunately, the only answer is that the program itself went wrong - software does go wrong, mainly because it's badly written. Perhaps it can't handle such long jobs correctly.

It's perhaps safer to do them in smaller batches and save each batch when you rescan them - then at least you'll only lose one batch if it goes wrong again.

  1936 09:49 20 Mar 2009

Yes, that makes sense but although I know that I should have written the process down I have forgotten how to save the file/file the correct way.
Anyway, when I clicked on the CanoScan icon a long box appeared with the words somewhat like, "There was a problem, a temporary backup file. Do you want to recover this file?" so I pressed the Yes and the Scanning desktop appeared showing 98 of the 300 pages running down the side.
The only problem is that I can’t remember what I did to turn them into Word pages and I’m terrified that I will lose the lot again. So, could you please tell me what the correct process is to finish up with a folder containing a document in Word?

  DieSse 11:15 20 Mar 2009

Sorry but I don't know the CanoScan software - perhaps someone who does can help more.

  woodchip 14:25 20 Mar 2009

OCR Program should open the files

  PalaeoBill 16:21 20 Mar 2009

If it is the same OCR as used in my CanoScan Toolbox, it is OmniPage SE. If you look under \Program Files\Scan Soft\ you should find it and there is a .PDF of the user manual there.

I have only used the OCR bit once and ended with similar problems to you. I seem to remember creating a new Word doc and importing the three indiviual files that it had created.

Perhaps if you Google OmniPage you may find more/better advice.

  1936 17:09 20 Mar 2009

I've remembered how to save the file/file the correct way.
Click on "Save as" and scroll down "files as type" and select Word. So it just goes to show that playing around with an application can throw up the answer.
I've still not worked out how to open those 300 “OcrImage” folders/files but maybe someone else will come up with an answer.

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