xptosmtbd 11:36 18 Feb 2004

Hi, I have Photoshop 6, and am trying to scan in a document that I can edit/print in word. Will I have to buy an OCR program, or would anyone know if there is a facility within Photoshop to do this. I am using XP home and have an epson perfection 1240OU scanner. Thanks in advance....Sandra

  Rennaissance 11:40 18 Feb 2004

why not edit in photoshop and cut and paste into word and then print?

  Jester2K 11:43 18 Feb 2004

Because then it couldn't be edited...

  colberly 11:44 18 Feb 2004

I don't know about photoshop, but if you want a free OCR programme try
click here
I have used this for quite awhile and find it simple and easy to use.

  Jester2K 11:44 18 Feb 2004

Rennaissance - are you saying that PhotoShop has OCR built in?

  xptosmtbd 11:47 18 Feb 2004

Hi Rennaissance, Thank you for your very fast answer, however I am not sure what you mean, I know it is probably me being thick but how do I edit it so that I can save it as a word document. When I try and do a "save as", I am not sure if any of the options would turn it into a word document. I know that I can just edit it and print straight from the screen but it doesn't give a satisfactory result.....

  xptosmtbd 11:54 18 Feb 2004

Hi colberly, Thank you I am downloading it now, I have tried upteen ways of doing it within Photoshop but I just don't think that it is possibel. As I said I could just print the scanned document, but then you get a blue coloured background to the paper, and because of this, it takes ages to print (as if it's a photograph),.....and the result is not good at all...

  ventanas 11:57 18 Feb 2004

Photoshop does not have OCR capability. Most scanners come with some sort of program for doing this. Did you not get one with yours?

If not you will have to obtain a dedicated OCR program. Try the freebie mentioned above and see if it works. I use something called ABBYY, not free, but not expensive either, and very good.

  xptosmtbd 12:02 18 Feb 2004

Thanks everybody....I don't think that my scanner has ocr capabilities, at least I have never really looked for it, but I would have thought that it would say so on the cover or something?.....where would I look?.....Sorry to sound so stupid!!!!!

  ventanas 12:27 18 Feb 2004

If it's a flatbed it will scan documents. It is nothing to do with the scanner, but the software you scan through. Check everything that came with it, cd's, booklets etc.

The program that loads when you install your scanner (the driver) is called up by whatever program you scan through, be it Photoshop or an OCR app.

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