occational disk boot error

  sir bubble 01:27 17 Apr 2005

i have a problem when i boot the system the bios
does not recognise the hard drive and displays it as none, which in turn displays disk boot error.
i found out that if i open the case and disconnect
the ribbon cable from the hard drive,and then re-
connect it, the system boots just fine,and there is no further problem for a few days until it happens again and i repeat the process.I also sometimes get a blue screen come up displaying: cannot write to drive c data will be lost.
i have replaced the hard drive, and the ribbon cable, and also the motherboard & power pack was replaced a year ago.what else could it possibly be, please help! I have winME 1600 MHZ 384MB memory.

  Night Ryder 02:28 17 Apr 2005


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