Occasional unexpected re-boots

  bruce 15:36 07 Feb 2004

Just finished my first build.

Jupiter ATX, 400w ATX PSU, PC Chips M848A mobo - SiS 746 chipset, Akasa cooler, mini PCI slot exhaust blower, 80mm SmartFan, Athlon XP2600, 1 gb Crucial DDR 400, 2 x 40gb Maxtor hdd, nVidia Riva TNT2 64, Pioneer 107, Pioneer DVD-S, Relisys TL761 17" TFT, Lexmark X73, running XP Pro SP1, broadband.

I'm having occasional (once every few hours of use) random, unexpected re-boots.

I haven't overclocked (never tried it).

AIDA shows the CPU core voltage as 1.58v, CPU temp as 61 C, Aux temp as 47 C, CPU fan as 5444 RPM and case fan as 2557 RPM.

From my reading, I think the problem may be overheating.

Any suggestions welcomed.


  palinka 16:07 07 Feb 2004

Just a thought - I suppose it isn't a virus? Blaster worm closes down systems. If you get a message "System will shut down in 30 secs..." or something like that then that's the cause.

  pc moron 16:17 07 Feb 2004

Right click My Computer and select Properties> Advanced.

Under Startup and Recovery click Settings and make sure Write an Event to the System Log is ticked and Automatically Restart is not ticked.

Next time the system re-boots you should see an error message on the screen.

Post the details of the error.

Also have a look in the system log for the error.

  bruce 02:07 08 Feb 2004

MSBlaster patch installed - no error message. (The problem is occasional - eg once yesterday and not at all today; and the puter is in use for some 8+ hours per day).

I'm trying the error message reset (also advised elsewhere) and will post back any error message.

As I post, AIDA shows the CPU temp as 61 C and the Aux temp as 49 C. (What is the Aux temp, anyway? Is that the overall, internal case temp?).

Thanx to each and all to date. Greatly appreciated, as always.

  Gaz 25 02:24 08 Feb 2004

61 C is a little high. Mine runs at 37 C

Anyway, AUX will be in case temp/

  Gaz 25 02:24 08 Feb 2004

and mine is a 2.8+

  bruce 15:41 09 Feb 2004

I've also downloaded CPUCool and PowerFan, but can anyone tell me which temp is which?

- ie Temp 1 = CPU temp? Temp 3 = ?

  cycoze 15:52 09 Feb 2004

Have you checked in the bios to see what temp the machine is set to shutdown/reboot.

  bruce 17:02 11 Feb 2004

Just got an error message, saying that Windows had to close and that I should update any drivers shown as involved:

Stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBF9B94F, 0xF2A9BEDC, 0x00000000)

nv4_disp.dll - Address BF9B949F base at BF9B7000, DateStamp 3d36dea2

Update my display driver (nVidia TNT2 Model 64 - I know, I know!) ?

If so, looking at nVidia Detonator 44.03 or 45.23?

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