Occasional over-enthusiastic firewall

  Pineman100 13:54 22 Nov 2005

I run Norton Internet Security under Windows XP SP2. I also run Spywareblaster which is set to update itself automatically.
From time to time when I connect to the internet (broadband) I get a Norton popup warning that says "sbautoupdate.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server". It also offers to "always block" this connection. I have never accepted this offer - I always change the instruction to "always allow" the connection.
When I click OK the box disappears and then within seconds it pops up again and I have to go through the whole procedure again.
This goes on and on - sometimes 12 to 15 times before the box disappears.
Then, a few days or a week or two later, the whole thing happens all over again.
Please can someone tell me how to get Norton to accept my instruction and stop this frustrating waste of time?
Many thanks.

  PaulB2005 13:56 22 Nov 2005

Is there an option on the prompt to "Remember this action"?

  Pineman100 16:01 22 Nov 2005

No, no such option. And I've allowed Program Control to run a scan o fall internet-enabled programs. When it found Spywareblaster I specifically selected the option to always allow internet acces. But this hasn't made any difference to the problem.

  ade.h 18:52 22 Nov 2005

If I remember correctly (it's a long, long time since I got shot of Norton) there is (or used to be) a way of manually adding programs to the Program Control list.

I mention this because it's very possible that, like many programs, Spyware Blaster uses a sub-program to update itself. MS Anti-spyware runs like that, as do many AVs. If you could have a look in the Program Files folder for SwB you might see such a program. It's very possible that NIS simply missed it - I used to find that it would miss a few and then flag up a warning out of the blue when one of them ran.

Hope that helps.

  Pineman100 18:55 23 Nov 2005

I'll have a look at that.

  Pineman100 18:53 25 Nov 2005

I have checked this problem, and you're right that there is a specific sub-program (sbautoupdate.exe) that updates Spywareblaster. I have also been into my Norton Personal Firewall Program Control list and specifically set "always allow..." for this program.
But it didn't work! I'm still getting the same problem about every 3rd or 4th time that I connect to the internet.
I don't suppose you (or anyone else) have any more suggestions, do you?
Thanks so much for your time.

  ade.h 23:25 25 Nov 2005

Hi Pineman - I don't have much else to suggest I'm afraid. As I said above, all trace of Symantec products were removed from my PCs a long time ago. I got fed up with paying quite a lot of money for products that, in general, did not work as well as lesser known but better designed alternatives. I don't recall ever experiencing your problem though. The only weakness that I found with Program Control was that it always missed a few in the scan. Once they were added, it was okay.

Have you had a read through the Symantec support pages?

  Stuartli 23:43 25 Nov 2005

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