Occasional internet access - best method?

  Pineman100 19:33 11 Sep 2007

A friend who lives abroad wants to be able to access his emails when he visits his house in the UK (usually for a month or so once a year).

He doesn't want to have a pay-per-month account, because he'd be paying for nothing 11 months of the year. He just wants to set up his laptop in his UK home while he's here and access email/internet.

How would you do this for maximum convenience with minimum cost?

Thanks for any advice.

  Wrabitt 19:40 11 Sep 2007

Has he a Library or friend nearby?

click here

broadband one month contract example of
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  Brad G 20:16 11 Sep 2007

if he is just checking emails... then dialup.. its a penny a minute?

  Pineman100 09:43 12 Sep 2007

for some useful ideas.

Wrabitt8 - I see where you're going with your question, but he prefers to connect from his UK home.

The Raven - some very useful contacts - thank you.

Brad G - yes, I agree dial-up is probably the best way for him to go. How difficult would it be for him to select how his computer connects to the internet (ie: to switch from his default BB connection to a dial-up one)? He's not at all computer literate - even less than me!

  Brad G 09:49 12 Sep 2007

its easy to do, dont worry :) to install dialup, you will need an internet service provider CD. insert the disk, install the softwre and it should configure itself for you, or will explain what to do in a step by step process.

once installed, an icon will appear on the desktop. to connect to dialup internet you would simply double click on this. the chances are to connect to broadband currently, he will be clicking on a connection icon on his desktop too. so, to connect to broadband, its the same as he always has been doing

  jimv7 11:26 12 Sep 2007

click here for free dial up, just the cost of phone calls.

  Pineman100 13:09 12 Sep 2007

Thanks jim.

  silverous 13:35 12 Sep 2007

He could register for a dial-up trial with clara.net - they appear never to cease the accounts.

  Pineman100 15:22 12 Sep 2007

Is it the case that - with any ordinary dial-up account - he would just need to plus his computer into the phone line, then click on a desktop icon to connect?

My worry is that if he has to start changing his default ISP account, this might be a bit complicated for him.

  silverous 15:23 12 Sep 2007

Yes. Not sure what you mean about "default ISP account" - he doesn't have one presumably hence the original question?

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