Occasional flicker

  avesnes1 21:42 17 Aug 2011

My desktop has recently developed an occasional screen flicker. It is very quick. The screen brightens very slightly and immediately returns to normal. The flicker seems to be random and includes quite long periods (15 - 20 seconds) of it not happening.

I would be grateful if any member can shed light on this odd and faintly annoying problem.

  northumbria61 22:25 17 Aug 2011

May be obvious but first check for any loose cables between the case and monitor.

  avesnes1 23:26 17 Aug 2011

northumbria61 I have disconnected and reseated both ends of the cable between the case and the monitor and I have ensured that the cable is well away from any power wires and any speakers, and although the flicker is still occuring, it seems to be less frequent.....or is it just my imagination?

I'll try it all again tomorrow. Thanks for the advice - it's much appreciated.


  rdave13 00:35 18 Aug 2011

Check your OS's power management. Does this happen out of 'sleep' or 'hibernation' or simply from a boot-up?

Try re-setting the power management by changing it to something else applying it then changing it back to original state and 'applying' it again.

  avesnes1 19:44 18 Aug 2011

rdave13, Thanks for the suggestion, but it had no effect.

I have since reseated the cable ends for a second time, but with no effect and this afternoon I removed the side panel and did a little dusting with a soft paintbrush and the hoover nozzle....but the occasional flicker is still with me.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what try next. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

  northumbria61 22:12 18 Aug 2011

While you were doing your "dusting" did you make sure the graphics card was "seated" properly? You could "earth" yourself, remove card and reseat - worth trying if even just to eliminate that it's not the problem.

Try a Graphics card update via Device Manager - it it doesn't make any difference you can always "roll it back".

  birdface 09:09 19 Aug 2011

Or try a system restore to a time when it was running ok.

Always worth a try.

  avesnes1 21:02 19 Aug 2011

The story has become even odder!

I used the desktop this morning and the flicker was still occuring. I read northumbria61's and buteman's suggestions and found a YouTube video on reseating a graphics card and decided to have a go this evening. I shutdown the desktop and went shopping with madam.

My son switched the machine on at 18:00 and for the last 3 hours there hasn't been one flicker!! The wonders of electronics.

Anyway, thanks again everyone for the suggestions and I'll keep in mind the last two if the flicker returns.


  northumbria61 21:21 19 Aug 2011

Great news !

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