Obtaining data from a PDF file for use in DTP

  Steric 14:44 24 Jun 2003

I have been given a pdf file containing the details for a poster (background image, wording and another separate image) which I want to copy and add details to in Publisher. Can anyone give me some guidance how to do it please? I've used Export (Adobe 4.0) and tried saving as either postscript or EPS and then opening that file in Paintshop Pro, this does work but the image is mostly in black and white not colour like the original. There has to be a easy way of getting hold of this image?

  scotty 14:56 24 Jun 2003

You could try using the capture facility in PSP. This facility allows you to capture screens (or parts of screens) from other programs. Not sure you will get the quality you need though.

  Megatyte 14:59 24 Jun 2003

Have you tried doing a normal copy and paste?


  Steric 15:11 24 Jun 2003

Hi Guys

Megatyte; I tried that first but without luck, you get Adobe's own menu which didn't contain copy but thanks for taking the time to reply.
Scotty; the capture facility in PSP worked (I used capture screen but the quality of the text borders is fairly poor and I will have to enlarge it as well but I will play with the different choices and see if I can improve it.

Thanks to both of you guys.

  Megatyte 15:25 24 Jun 2003

On the toolbar at the top of Acrobat Reader you will find a Graphics Select Tool button. Click on that, select your Pic/text, right click - copy. This copies to your Windows clip-board as a bitmap and will be available to paste into most applications. There is also a Text Select Tool but using this will lose the original formatting, but you will be able to edit as text.


  Steric 15:39 24 Jun 2003

I've just tried looking for that Megatyte but on the full Adobe Acrobat 4 button, there is no such button. Perhaps time to upgrade to the latest version of the reader? My laptop got version 6 on it, I'll have a go with that. Thanks for that bit of information.

  Steric 16:02 24 Jun 2003

I've just done it on the laptop using Adobe Acrobat 6. The image is much cleaner than exporting, perfect. Now I have to finish it off.

Thanks for your help, both of you.

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