Oblivion pc game not working

  1dartdelder 07:44 09 May 2007

bought the elder scrolls iv/Oblivion game.
Installed okay, ran intro okay but when
zooming in to the window of the castle,
presumably to start the game the screen goes
black and reverts to the desktop each time.

Have tried re-installing without success.
Have closed all programmes. Have used defrag
and scan as recommended.

Pc info sa follows- Windows XP (pro)
AMD Athlon tm XP 3000+ 2.16ghz 512mb ram
Freecom cdrw 52k NVIDIA Geforce fx 5200
Ps/2 compatible mouse

Am not up on computers so hope the above
info is correct and useful.

Many thanks for any help.

  Gongoozler 09:37 09 May 2007

This sort of behaviour is usually a graphics driver issue, probably a clash between a feature of the game and the version of driver installed. There is a forum for elder scrolls iv/Oblivion here, where some driver issues are discussed click here

  Kate B 12:31 09 May 2007

That's an old graphics card - Oblivion is very demanding. Try turning all the effects off and running it at the lowest resolution available; and of course update your graphics driver. I don't get great performance with Oblivion and I've got two 7900GTXs in SLI.

  UncleP 15:41 09 May 2007

Yes, great game but does require a powerful machine to realise all the graphics effects. Some of these can be reduced or turned off without detracting too much from the gameplay. This reference gives a detailed and explicit list of tweaks click here
but is now getting old, so worth supplementing with up-to-date tips from the current forums. It still works for me, though.

  UncleP 15:52 09 May 2007

Sorry, link doesn't work for some reason: try again

click here

  UncleP 16:13 09 May 2007

No, not working: I have it bookmarked, and it's fine from there. Maybe something to do with the fact that it's a link to a text file? Help!!

(Version I've just looked at is dated 2006, so not that old.)

  Totally-braindead 16:22 09 May 2007

I agree with the others. I have seen posts from people with very powerful graphics cards who either cannot get it to run or find its very slow and jerky.
I'm afraid a FX5200 is far too poor a graphics card to run this particular game, theres no point even trying.

  citadel 17:14 09 May 2007

the recommended specs for the game are more realistic. you could install the patch to see if it helps as it fixs bugs in the game.

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