o2 broadband package

  n4165si 14:33 09 Dec 2008

I am thinking of dumping Orange and migrating to o2, i would like to know if everyone who has it are still quite happy with it , and do i need a new Email name if i go

  Border View 14:45 09 Dec 2008

I came over to 02 from Zen. Because I have o2 mobile phone I get o2 landline broadband for £7.50 a month. (A saving of £10 a month) They supply a wireless router. (Some people dont like the supplied router but you can use your own) The transfer was done online, they text me at every step of the way and my speeds increased because my exchange is LLU. I have had a totally stable connection and can recommend them without hesitation.

I got a new e-mail address. Can't comment on how you would retain your current address. Perhaps someone else can offer advice on this one.

I do not work for o2.

  Chris the Ancient 14:55 09 Dec 2008

I'm with Barmoor on this one.

I migrated from Virgin to o2 some months ago - and on the special deal because I have an o2 mobile contract.

When I migrated, they helped me (over the phone, and free of charge) to configure my own wireless router - which worked first time.

Speeds are as good as I can expect on my line. Outages are few and far between. And, all in all, I'm more than happy I made the change.

One good selling point was the 24/7 FREE!! customer support.

I do not think you can keep your old email address because it contains the ISP's server as part of the address; and they wouldn't be too happy with that. Virgin gave me two weeks and then shut off my mail box. No problem. I just made sure that anyone that needed to know got an email advising them of my new address.

  GaT7 15:01 09 Dec 2008

Yes, still very pleased here going into my 8-9th month.

If leaving Orange cancel's the use of their email, then yes, you'll need to use another email address. You'll need to create at least 1 new one while registering with O2 anyway.

I'd also suggest getting a free third-party email address/account (links below). This is so you'll have at least one 'steady' account that won't need to cancelling, recreating or informing everyone about each time you switch ISPs. G

- Free email providers:
Google click here
Yahoo click here
Inbox click here

- £25 Quidco cashback if you go through them click here (I received mine ~3 months later)

  exdragon 15:10 09 Dec 2008

I'll gladly join the chorus - been with them since July and actually have it free for the first year, and they told me to speak to them when the contract expires to find out what else they can offer me. I was originally offered it at £2.50 because I'd had my o2 mobile for so long, but my BT contract hadn't expired. When it did, I rang o2 who offered it for £7.50 but when I said I'd previously had an offer for less, they said they'd check and then immediately offered it for nothing!

Customer service is excellent: the people I've spoken to know what they are talking about and they are based in the UK.

I'm still receiving stuff on my previous BT internet email addresses for some reason, but can't send from them.

FIngers crossed, no problems with them at all.

  exdragon 15:14 09 Dec 2008

One thing I forgot - it was set up over the phone and I was asked to supply a username and password for use on their website. What they actually wanted was my preferred email address, so I've had to set up a sub account with my 'proper' email address, which isn't too much of a problem.

You probably would have sussed this out, but even their texts (of which there were many!) quoted the user name and password 'to log in to the website'.

  n4165si 15:15 09 Dec 2008

Barmoor Chris the Ancient Crossbow7

Thanks all for replying and answering the question and for the advice. i will now request my Mac from Orange

  Esc4p3 16:57 09 Dec 2008

I too am a happy o2 customer, I transferred from virgin.net dial up and have never looked back. Incidentally, I can still pick up my Virgin emails via o2 servers, it took a bit of tweaking my email settings though. I have to dial in every 60 days to keep the account open - so far so good as I have had o2 since April 08. I am about 1km from the exchange, and I get the full 8mb I am paying for. Brilliant!

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