o2 broadband issues

  sodz02 12:58 29 Mar 2009

Hi there,

Since moving to O2 i have been getting disconnection problems all the time. I had previous broadband suppliers but never had these problems although i did have a hiss on the phone line since my fist dsl but neva had disconnections. I live in a flat which has no master socket and just outside my door there is a junction box. When i disconnect the broadband the hiss removes from the phone line. I tried changing filters also everything possible i can do. my setup is from my socket a filter with phone line and broadband thats all.

I have contacted o2 so many times before and went through tests and everyfing with no luck only thing i could do is change the 15db to 6db for a stable line but still with couple of disconnects and an awful speed really and i am not far away from the exchange at all. They said it could be down to O2 using higher frequencies but my argument was that i had previous ISPs were i got a stable 4mb connection and with the connection down to 1200 i am getting disconnections altough higher frequencies. The last thing they told me for a BT engineer which i am not willing to pay 150 just to get a stable connection which i already had before on other ISPs. Do you guys think that there is a fault in my internal wiring although i had stable connection before?

P.S i did a quiet line test and there is still a hiss and my cordless is not near the router i also tried my reliable netgear still and getin disconnected.

Please can you guys help me i have been with this problem for about 6 months now but neva really seeked advice. Thanks

  Tech Guy 19:20 30 Mar 2009

I used to be a 2nd line tech agent for Talktalk and we had simliar stories from customers changing from another ISP to us.

You can change the line profile to a lower noise level to get a more stable line, but this decreases the speed.

An engineer vist to your exchange usually sorts the problem, as we found when the engineer changed the cables from the BT Dslam to the Talktalk Dslam there was a promlem with the cable or connection which introduced noise to the line.

If it is not the cable in the exchange then would turn out to be the drop cable to the customers property, water in the connections corrode the line and introduce noise to the line.
As you live in a flat and share the cable entering the block (ask a neighbour how thier line is), so it could be internal wiring. Does your wire from the distrubtion block run under carpets etc, as they can get damaged from hovers, feet, pets and painting and introduce noise.

If the fault is found in the exchange you won't be charged, if found in your flat you will.

P.S. Always do any line test with a corded phone, as phone companies love to blame cordless phones.

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