O2 Broadband - as good as it seems?

  Ronnie268 17:53 14 Jul 2008

I am thinking about changing ISP from Plusnet to O2. I always pop the download cap, so pay extra or go onto really slow speeds.

Lokking at O2, i have noticed I will ned a wireless adapter for my PC. The O2 one is £20. Will any others be compatible?

Can you recommend anything?


Ronnie 268

  GaT7 21:05 14 Jul 2008

I'm with O2 broadband & they come recommended. Related threads at PCA - click here, click here, click here & click here.

You'll only need a wireless adaptor, if you cannot connect your PC direct to the supplied O2 wireless modem (they call it a 'wireless box') - e.g. if your main BT phonebox is too far away from your PC, or you don't have a phone extension cable close to your PC.

You'll also need one if you have an additional PC/laptop that does NOT have inbuilt wireless, but needs to be connected to your O2 Internet connection wirelessly.

If you do need a wireless adaptor....I'm using this click here (£10 delivered). It works fine with my O2 & XP Pro. You may be able to get one cheaper on eBay, & also consider a PCI wireless card (got one for £5-6 off eBay a few months ago). G

  Ronnie268 08:46 19 Aug 2008

My computer's a Dell running Vista Home Premium. Will it work with that?

Do I just use an Ethernet cable?

  exdragon 09:48 19 Aug 2008

I just moved to them last week, from BT. To be honest, I had no problems at all with BT, but as an o2 mobile user, I got it free for a year, as opposed to £17.99 a month.

It's a lot faster, I've used the help line a few times - not really because of problems, but I was getting bogged down sorting out the email set up when my BT addresses were still active. They also talked me through checking that the settings were correct - I connect with the ethernet cable but there's a wireless thing in the pc.

One thing which did annoy me: when going through the ordering process, I was asked what I wanted for my user name and password, which I assumed was to log in on the webite and indeed, the confirmatory text message said that's what they were for. What they actually wanted was an email address. I've set up another as secondary account, and suppose I should have questioned it at the time but there you go!

Very pleased with it so far.

  Pine Man 10:49 19 Aug 2008

'My computer's a Dell'

A bit vague - model?

  GaT7 11:48 19 Aug 2008

Yes, your Dell will be fine. Any PC/Mac/laptop that has a network/ethernet connection will work. It worked fine with an old Win98se PC that had an add-on PCI network card.

Either ethernet/network cable or wireless adaptor/PCI card will do fine. G

  gel 16:01 19 Aug 2008

I have been with O2 now for 3 months
I am paying £7.50 per month plus £10 every 3 months on my O2 mobile
The deal includes McAfee security which continues free as long as you are with O2
The help system is excellent particularly by phone(free 0800 number0
I did have a problem with McAfee installation and they sorted it remotely by taking over my computer (all Free)
I too have a Dell Inspiron1300 and an old Mesh desk top.
I use ethernet cables to both ,but wireless is available
Hope this helps
The box came free

  Pine Man 16:34 19 Aug 2008

I have exactly the same set up as gel, though not with a Dell computer. Can't fault o2 at all. I have an uncapped 8mbps service which never drops below about 7.1mbps for £7.50 per month and £10 top up on my mobile every three months.

Just after I changed to o2 BT messed up my telephone connection at the exchange. It wasn't clear at the start what the problem was but I rang o2 first and had an immediate response on the phone from them and they identified the problem, which took BT 9 days to rectify during which I had no phone or internet access. Despite the fact that it was BT's fault o2 still gave me a credit for the time I had no internet access.

Their mobile phone service is good as well!

  Ronnie268 08:50 20 Aug 2008

Thanks for all replies

Pine Man - here are the specs

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2.66Ghz x2
2GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM Dual Channel
320GB 7200rpm HDD with freefall sensor
ATI Radeon XD3850
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
7.1 channel sound
Four 1Gbps Ethernet ports
No wireless card at the moment
Targa 19" TFT Monitor 1280 x 1024 res.

Looks like I'll change

  DippyGirl 09:24 20 Aug 2008

O2 excellent broadband provider
Uncapped 8mb service gives a consistent 7mb/1mb
Customer Support, if you need them, is very very good - a refreshing change
Cant recommend highly enough

  Ronnie268 20:02 22 Aug 2008

Thanks all for your time & replies.

I am now in the process of changing supplier.


Ronnie 268

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