O2 Broadband

  Border View 16:34 27 Sep 2008

O2 is my mobile phone provider. I understand that I can get O2 broadband (via landline) for £7.50 a month and that the deal comes with a router.

I already have an excellent router - will I have to use O2s own equipment.

Does anyone in this forum use O2 as their ISP and was has been their experience. I am loath to leave my current ISP but I will be saving £10 a month and thats a lot.

  exdragon 17:20 27 Sep 2008

How long have you been an o2 mobile user, Barmoor? I ask because I've got it free for a year, having had their mobile for ages.

It's worth a try and they told me to ask what else was available when the contract was up for renewal.

There are loads of reports of positive experiences if you put o2 broadband into the search box. Fast speeds, reliability, knowledgeable, helpful, UK based customer service people to name but a few.

Not sure about the router - I think if you use a different one, you won't have access to things which they provide, but give them a call on 0800 230 0202.

  Border View 17:23 27 Sep 2008

Hello exdragon, Yup I got the £100 credit on my account this morning ( I only pay £10 a month with 50 mins free calls). Been with them for ages

Thanks for responding.

  woodchip 17:28 27 Sep 2008

Your router should work. If its still the 3Com go into setup page you put new ISP settings in it

  Border View 18:55 27 Sep 2008

Hi woodchip, no its not the 3Com its the Speedtouch (585 I think).

Will be asking for a MAC next week.

Hope all goes well with you.


  GaT7 19:13 27 Sep 2008

There's a related thread click here that says you can, but best to call O2 & ask them directly.

Plus £25 cashback if you go through Quidco click here.

Very satisfied O2 customer here - been with them 6 months. Have posted in some of those O2 threads exdragon refers to. G

  Border View 19:21 27 Sep 2008

Thanks for that Crossbow7

  woodchip 19:30 27 Sep 2008

I changed to TalkTalk Best move ever did

  raliy2k 05:51 28 Sep 2008

I have two ISP accounts, one at home with O2 braodband and the other at work with BT.

I must say O2 do provide excellent customer and technical support service. The only problem is using your own router will be that they may not be able to give you any technical support.

The main problem with their router is; it is very limited to what you can do with it. So any configuration you have in mind, you can throw that out of the window. Your router will only work if it is ADSL2 enabled.

It really depends on you. You can't do much on their router other then port forwarding.

I use to have two O2 Broadband accounts, but left one for BT because of high ping, as I am an online Call of Duty gamer.

  Border View 11:27 28 Sep 2008

Update: Have requested my MAC from Zen (sorry to leave this rock solid provider but cost is a huge factor)I've filled in the form on O2 and as soon as I get the MAC the process will kick in.

Will keep you advised on progress.

Have decided to use the router O2 provide. Its exactly the same as the one I have (Speedtouch 585) and I have been more than happy with its performance, but configured so I just have to plug it in when the change over takes place.

Dont want to use McAfee, but will cross that bridge when I get to it.

  GaT7 19:07 28 Sep 2008

The only thing I use is their wireless router. I initially loaded their 'broadband medic' type software, but soon found it's not necessary & removed it. G

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