O2 Broadband

  herc182 13:23 12 Nov 2007

Dear all,

I am an O2 customer and got an email from them about the broadband. I am thinking of signing up (since my flat mates have virgin which is crap....in that its almost dial up speed in the evenings and weekend).

Is anyone here getting this service? Wondering if I have missed something before I make the plunge. I have to re-connect the phone line and will get up to 8mB connection for a total of £18 a month (roughly).

Thanks in advance!

  amonra 13:54 12 Nov 2007

Check how far you are from your local exchange. Just because it says "UP to 8MB" doesn't mean you'll get 8 MB. What's the minimum sign-up period ? What's the max download per month ?
There are a LOT of questions before commoting. Do some more homework.

  herc182 14:00 12 Nov 2007

sorry. I should have mentioned that I have established its UNLIMITED downloads, its £7.50 a month for pay monthly contracts for as long as you are on an o2 contract, its up to 1.5mb UPLOAD speed, free connection, free wireless router. I read the terms and conditions too.

click here

How do I check how far i am from the exchange?


  beeuuem 14:48 12 Nov 2007

It seems to be a good offer and they do give a get out clause if you are not happy.
click here;jsessionid=lfsr4gkGa2PC+2SV7GO8P8qFi788qeLq
o2 now own Be who have a 24Mb speed. I get around 20Mb/s from Be and it is possible o2 are using the same equipment.

  beeuuem 14:52 12 Nov 2007

Your link works better than mine!
This will give you an idea of how far you are from the exchange click here

  herc182 14:57 12 Nov 2007

it says I am about 1km (as the crow flies) but the cables will be laid following the roads. anyway! what does that mean? is that good?

  Dipso 16:55 12 Nov 2007

If 1km was accurate that whould give you good speeds but as you say the line probably goes around the houses first.

Do your mates have ADSL? If so, can you get their line statistics in particular the downstream attenuation as that would give a better indication of what you should expect to get.

  johnnyrocker 16:59 12 Nov 2007

is the virgin internet provide by cable or phone? if it is phone i think you can have only one isp per phone line.


  Dipso 17:09 12 Nov 2007

Forgot to add, as o2 are new to the broadband market there aren't a lot of reviews about but what feedback I've seen has been positive. I am with Be and as beeuuem suggests it's likely that o2 are using the same equipment so if you get as good a service as I do you will be very happy.

  herc182 20:18 12 Nov 2007

the virgin connection is cable. The speed for virgin is appalling. My brother has the same and a guy at work and they say its awful too (virgin).

I am optimistic that O2 will be fast as not many people are on it (apart from the Be customers).

I have never had a really fast broadband connection so I would really like the luxury.

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