O, Interesting idea. Yes, you are a philosopher ?

  benjiboots 21:47 22 May 2007

Hi all

I have just received an email from the director of a community group whose website I designed, about two new messages on the guestbook.

The first message was ,"O, Interesting idea. Yes, you are a philosopher" and the second message was ,"Good job! Your site is great!".
The second message obviously looks quite complimentary, but neither had an IP address and they're names were, Bronislawa and Bronislaus.
So I googled the phrase "O, Interesting idea. Yes, you are a philosopher" and it turns up in loads of guest books, in fact on one of the sites there were two identical messages as the ones we received and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about this. Is this a bit of harmless fun or is there something strange about it? What do you think?

  Forum Editor 00:04 23 May 2007

I think you've just discovered what most people who have guest books on their sites discover...

1. That there are some very strange people out there.

2. That guestbooks aren't really a great idea.

I'm afraid I wouldn't have a guestbook anywhere near any of my sites. I've never really seen the point of them, any more than I see the point of having them in hotels/guesthouses.

It's not difficult to visit a site without leaving an IP address, by the way.

  benjiboots 07:44 24 May 2007

Thanks for your feedback . . .
As it turns out the strange messages actually came from the contact form and not the guestbook section . . .
The contact form uses Flash and php and validates the email address based on syntax.
My initial concerns were that these strange messages might have been sent automatically - but I can't see how that can be the case with a Flash form and the guestbook section uses an anti-spam facility where you have to type in randomly generated letters.
I guess it's as FE says, there are some strange people out there!
Also, I tend to agree that guest books per se are a pretty redundant idea - however, as the site is for a community group of young people who make music, I used the guest book model as a way for them to leave feedback about their music and projects - which works really well; I just didn't account for the strange people out there . . .

I'm off for a week's break now to get away from my computer before I too turn into a series of noughts and ones! Thanks again.

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