o hevenly PC Advisor, please help me...

  Craigmave 21:03 31 Mar 2004

Ok, i have just recieved Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow. What i can play of it is really amazing.

Here is my problem. I am playing happily then freeze. The screen freezes, i get a weird buzzing in my speakers and i have to reboot.

I have AMD Athlon XP2600
1gb Crucial Mem
A7N8X 2.0 MB
20 / 60 / 80 GB HDD
Zalman Flower CPU Cooler
Zorrow Black ATX Case with Window fan and rear fan

I have direct x9.0b
The latest Radeon ATI drivers

My MB Temp is 30 oC
and the CPU temp is 59/60 oC

i am guessing that its the temp maybe...

oh and i have 500w PSU...

many thanks.

  interzone55 21:14 31 Mar 2004

Did you build this system yourself?

My only thought is that the CPU temp is a little high, I have an XP3000+ and it's currently 31oC using an Akasa Heatsink with 80mm fan and 2 case fans, one on top of the case & one at the back.

Remove the heatsink, apply some more thermal paste & firmly attach it again, the see what your CPU temp is.


  Craigmave 21:16 31 Mar 2004

yeah i built the pc myself. Have you got a web site for thermal paste please. Cheers for your advice. I have just recently changed my case, my other one had two fans on top, one on the side and one in the back... cheers

  interzone55 21:42 31 Mar 2004

You can buy thermal paste in any computer shop, even PC world, it is quite cheap, so buying online is not economic, as the postage will outweigh the cost of the paste.

You can either buy it in tiny tubes, or as self-adhesive pads, either is good.

As for case fans, 2 will always be more than twice as efficient as one, just make sure one is sucking & the other blowing to provide air flow across the motherboard.

  Craigmave 21:46 31 Mar 2004

super dupa, i will give that a go. Cheers.

  frazky 22:20 31 Mar 2004

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