O E locks up if unread mail- is tried deleting

  jack 17:40 22 Oct 2009

One of my flock reports the above if attempted to delete.
This post is from a something'Blue' is likely to be Spam for security or system repair software

So far I have advised him to try to delete it in 'Safe Mode'
Any other suggestions?

  peter99co 17:51 22 Oct 2009

The best way to prevent these getting to the inbox is the first place is to install Mailwasher from Mailwasher.com

This checks mail on the server first and the delete is simple.

A lot of Forum members will confirm this software is safe. Do check if you feel the need.

  jack 17:56 22 Oct 2009

I know that and have it.
I am making the inquiry for some one who having got the thing cant get rid.
So how does he get rid now he as it?

  peter99co 18:03 22 Oct 2009

never done this but if a new folder is created (name it junk) move the offending mail to it and then delete the folder?

  jack 19:35 22 Oct 2009

Have passed it on
See what response I /we get.

  jack 11:37 23 Oct 2009

The only think I can think of is to uninstall the
OE program and start over.
Can any one better that?

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