NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 drivers help please, thankyou

  bof:) 20:38 28 Jan 2009

Hi all, my neighbour who's PC runs on WindowsME had the following message appear when he started his PC up tonight.

Error 0D000000F0. Then something about a video driver failing to load.

In safe mode, I looked at the video drivers which where given as:

NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 x.

I checked out the properties and it said the following:

c:\Windows System\NVINI,vxd
c:\Windows\System\vmn32.vxd [vdd.vxd]



In Safe Mode, I tried the last 3 System Restores but each failed.

Could someone kindly direct me to a site where I can download the video driver my neighbour needs. I think the driver would have to fit onto a floppy disk because I'm not sure if his CD drive works.

I'm using a desktop with XP Home SP2 and a laptop with Vista on it.

I do have a floppy drive on the desktop and a few floppy disks.

I could not find the Last Good Configeration (I think its called)to try that.

Many thanks,


  Stuartli 20:42 28 Jan 2009

This may come as a surprise:

click here

  MAT ALAN 20:42 28 Jan 2009

click here

for 2000/xp but should work...

  Stuartli 20:43 28 Jan 2009

You will need to Save the drivers on your system and burn to a CD-R (size is almost 11MB).

  Stuartli 20:54 28 Jan 2009

..or a memory card in view of your comment about not being sure if the CD drive is working.

  bof:) 21:10 28 Jan 2009

Hello Stuartli, I've already looked on nvidia.com (it was surprise and raised a smile....lol) but I couldnt find any mention of NVIDIA RIVA in their listings under

Does it matter if I save it to my Desktop with XP or my laptop with Vista? Will WindowsME recognise it?

I've tried saving stuff for my neighbour on aseveral USB pen but my neighbours system fails to recognise it.

Any idea exactly where on the nvidia website the drive is I need?

I'd be the first to admit that I may have missed it but cannot see where.

MAT ALAN, I cannot get your link to open, could you please re-post it, thankyou.

Many thanks both,


  ashdav 21:25 28 Jan 2009

Searchedf through the Nvidia site for you and these are the drivers you need click here
Says XP/2000 but they are the same as ME.

  ashdav 21:31 28 Jan 2009

To confirm go to the Nvidia site click here and hover over Download Drivers, select Beta and Archived Drivers,in product type select legacy,product series TNT and TNT series,product RIVA TNT Model64/Model 64 series,operating system Windows ME.

  Stuartli 21:45 28 Jan 2009

Choose Legacy drivers and then TNT for ME.

You can also use the Automatic facility.

  ashdav 22:08 28 Jan 2009

Doesn't work for the link I posted unless you are accessing the site from the computer concerned.

  bof:) 22:12 28 Jan 2009

Hi both, many thanks for the directions to the correct drivers I needed.

I'll download them tomorrow. Thanks again to every one for all of the help.


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