Nvidia nView Desk Top Manager

  14all 16:31 07 Feb 2004

I am running a Nvidia Tornado TNT2M64 W/32MB AGP graphics card, which was working fine when originally installed with O/S Win 98.

My O/S was changed to Win ME, so I dowloaded the drivers from the Nvidia web site.

Now I have ended up with a Nvidia Desk Top Manager and the TV output has been enable, I keep getting shut down problems involving programes to do with the desk top manager, so I have now disabled it.

I still got a problem with a programe called AVToolTipView which is to do with the desk top manager, it buts in when you try to shut down the computer with the usual this programe is ect, at first I just selected to shut it down, but in doing so I got the blue screen and loads of problems, but I've learnt to just wait about 2 or 3 minutes and then the programe will shut down ok and my computer too.

Is there any I can do to try and stop this program running.


  Gongoozler 17:30 07 Feb 2004

I'm not at all sure that AVToolTipView is part of the Nvidia software, it may have been an extra that came on the driver disk. You should be able to disable it from running at startup. Start - Run. Type in the box msconfig and click ok. In the new window click on the Startup tab and see if you can find an entry that looks like AVToolTipView and remove the tick from the box alongside it. Click ok at each prompt and reboot. You should now be running without the offending item.

  14all 18:02 07 Feb 2004

The only thing I can find in the start up is NvCplD aemon it sits in the windows/system with all the other Nvidia files, the properties give this info,
"NVIDIA Compatible Windows 95/98 Display driver, Version 53.04"

But all files and application extensions in Nvidia start with "Nv"

  Gongoozler 17:18 08 Feb 2004

Hi 14all.

From click here

NvcplDaemon is the NVidia Control Panel Display Properties Extensions applet. This enables extra nVidia options in the advanced settings for the display.

I've not found what AVToolTipView is, but a ToolTip is the yellow box that explains what an object is when you hover the curser over it. I suspect that an application on your computer has AVToolTipView associated with it. You can probably find what application that is by disabling the startup items one at a time via msconfig.

  Stuartli 17:31 08 Feb 2004

You'll also find the nVidia Desktop Manager in the Control Panel - I disabled it long ago because of the minor, but irritating problems it caused.

  14all 21:00 08 Feb 2004

Thanks Guys for your feed back.
I'll keep pluging away untill I find it.

One thing I did was to search with the file name in "Google" it came up with two sites, one I couldn't make any sense of, the other was a forum in Japanese so I couldn't understand that either, but it proves I'm not loosing it and someone else has a problem, the only thing now, its very long way to go and ask :-)

Cheers 14all

  Stuartli 08:45 09 Feb 2004

This is the only site with a mention of AVToolTipView.....

click here

But it might be a product of AV Bros:

click here

or just an anti-virus (AV) program's tips...:-)

  Stuartli 08:46 09 Feb 2004

..or even an Audio/Visual program...:-)

  14all 18:05 09 Feb 2004


I found a Japanese forum with it on but couldn't understand a word.

One of my mates is going to fit a big red destruct button to his computer.
The idea is when he hits it, his programs will be uninstalled all at once and then reinstall back to front, to throw the OS into complete confusion, just to show who's the boss ;o):-D

I have lost it! back to the real world thanks for the input I'll keep on trying to find out where it hides and exterminate it.


  Gemma 19:22 09 Feb 2004

Tooltip is a Windows API that is responsible for the yellow box with a caption in it that appears when the cursor floats over a button or some other control. When a control is created by a program you can associate a "tip" with it. Some fancy programming can make the text dynamic and change the shape to, say, a balloon. The API (application program interface) is a little ragged and, depending on how it have been used, can sometimes be difficult to close when Windows shuts down. ME is the worst offender.

  14all 20:01 09 Feb 2004


Your a diamond

Do I have to just grin and bare the Shut down problem, or can I curtail this application programme Interface from running?


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