diesel1948 13:02 12 Aug 2010

Just installed windows7 ultimate clean install. All went well except for message about graphics card, nvidia gforce 7900 gs. Was in computer when I got it. Dell Dimension 9200. It says card not receiving sufficient power. As a result, the graphics card has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operation. More info nvidia card must have the supplemental power connector attached or your system may be damaged. Please refer to owners manual for complete inspection instructions. Not got manual. Also the power supply in your computer must be able to provide ample power for this extra connection. Anyone heard about this type of problem before?

  northumbria61 13:07 12 Aug 2010

Appears to be a failing or underpowered Power Supply Unit. Dell have a habit of installing the lowest possible unit during manufacture.

  northumbria61 13:09 12 Aug 2010

You can download a manual for the Dell 9200 here -
click here

  northumbria61 13:12 12 Aug 2010

You could just try checking ALL connections first and/or reseating your graphics card (remember to switch off first and "ground" yourself - touch a metal radiator or similar)

  seefuu1 15:32 12 Aug 2010

Well that's what you get with a "dell" machine,an overpriced pc,with the cheapest components!

Fancy advert though!

  Dark Mantis 16:12 12 Aug 2010

May well be capacitor droop in the power supply especially as it is now a bit older and as has already been mentioned Dell don't build in much of an overhead. All power supplies suffer from a lower output as they age.

  northumbria61 20:38 12 Aug 2010

Specification - click here

Your PSU is 375W - As I said previously DELL have a habit of using basic components. They will run your machine when new - but they don't last forever.

I would go for another PSU with more power -
500 - 600 Watts - that way you will have plenty in reserve. Plenty to choose from at Ebuyer.
click here

Choose from left hand column by wattage and/or brand. You don't have to "pay the earth" for a decent these days - they all do a reasonably good job.

  northumbria61 20:39 12 Aug 2010

The specification LINK above to DELL is working but very slow - but take it from me I have seen it and it is 375W.

  bjh 22:55 12 Aug 2010

I have had this message on one of my computers, but it only appears with one or two nVidia driver versions... and I haven't had a single problem before updating to a newer version.

It may well be true that you need a new higher rated power supply, but it might be worth changing the driver version to get rid of the error message in the meantime. Certainly cheaper!

I'd be more helpful as to the version that gave me this message, but I'm knackered. It wasn't the version that came with Win 7, it was earlier than that.

Try a direct download from nVidia... if the error message disappears, I'd just stick with the PSU for now.

  diesel1948 12:31 13 Aug 2010

Thank you for all the advice, I did manage to get the spec on computer 375W power supply. The computer is over 3 years old now, so maybe time to upgrade the power supply. I was looking on Ebuyer at OCZ Technology
OCZ 500W Mod XStream Pro PSU - 2x PCI-E 6x SATA £53.84, would that be suitable for this computer Dell Dimension 9200, Nvidia g force 7900 gs, graphics card? By the way bjh, this error message did only start when Windows 7 ultimate was installed. I went into device manager and updated driver from there. Grateful for any further advice. diesel

  northumbria61 13:42 13 Aug 2010

OCZ 500W Mod XStream Pro PSU - I would say that would be a good choice - comes with a 3yr replacement warranty.

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