Nvidia MX4000 AOL 2MB Broadband Conflicts

  AI 23:03 29 Jun 2005

I have an AOL 2 MB connection with Windows XP Home SP1.

I can perform most things on my pc perfectly yet when i do one of the following:

Install DirectX 9.0 / SP2 / Nvidia latest Drivers ...

My AOL will lose its connection, now if anybody can tell me where the conflict lays that prevents AOL from connecting using broadband when installing grpahics card drivers - I'd LOVE to know !!

Not sure what other pieces of info I could put here but whichever one of the above or a combination of them I perform I get problems, basically the BT Voyager bodem stays in training mode and only ever goes to green lights once every few minutes for just a few seconds then reverts back to training mode again.

I've only got KERIO FIREWALL installed ( which is a long time after I've been having these issues ), even without the firewall it causes problems.

  madPentium 23:28 29 Jun 2005

you mention more than graphic driver updates, you mention service pack 2?
did the problems occur when you put on the service pack 2?

On the bt voyager, is it the usb or is it the adsl light flashing?

  AI 23:38 29 Jun 2005

Okay, after a fresh install of Windows Home SP1, I install AOL BB - fine, no problems, if i then try to update my grpahics drivers it does the following:

BT Voyager lights :

Light 1: Power - stays ON ( lit green )
Light 2: DSL - Flashes intermittantly, never stays on longer then about 5 seconds.
Light 3: Data - Only comes on when up/downloading

While this is happening the two arrows on my PC taskbar flash yellow, staying green only for a few seconds at a time reflecting the modem changes as well.

All of this ALSO happens if I attempt to update DirectX OR update to SP2.

PS: BT Voyager 105 - AOL 9.0.

And its getting to be a real headache running on VGA drivers - all stuttery, lol.

  TomJerry 23:51 29 Jun 2005

get an adsl router with Ethernet connection instead, the problem maybe conflict between usb modem driver and graphics driver. If you use Ethernet connection, there will be no problem

one suggestion click here

  AI 00:35 30 Jun 2005

A good suggestion, never been down the 'router' road - will be soon anyways with another pc arriving soon, so this thread can stay open for other input until I buy a router next month.

Thanx TomJerry


  Djohn 01:15 30 Jun 2005

Working trough a LAN card and router will give a more stable connection than the voyager, but I can't think why installing anyone of the above three items should cause a drop out.

Are you using the modem on a port on its own, or with other USB hardware? If so, try disconnecting other hardware and letting Voyager have the root hub to itself. If that works OK, try running the modem through a powered hub. Voyager is a good modem but some versions are very prone to using full 500 miliamps, slightest overload will flip them.

  AI 02:17 30 Jun 2005

Yup, knew about the whole power for each USB thing ages ago - the modem takes the full 500ma whack, nothing else conneted, looks like I'm going to have to try POSSIBLY XP PRO first of all, its in the post then hubs n routers / lan cards afterwards...

  TomJerry 09:46 30 Jun 2005


  gudgulf 11:40 30 Jun 2005

Do you have any antivirus/antispyware programs installed?

I am wondering if your connection to the internet with SP1 is leaving you open to attack from malware that takes advantage of unpatched exploits in Windows.Some malware will disrupt your internet connection in order to stop you updating/patching your system and you can get attacked within seconds of connecting.It may be that the problem with updating the nvidia drivers is coincidental.

Do you have SP2 available on a cd or do you have to download it? If you have it on a cd I would try installing XP then immediately putting SP2 on and then adding AOL and an antivirus program/firewall.Theen try updating your graphics drivers.I have AOL 9 and a BT Voyager 105 modem too running on XPpro SP2 with no problems whatsoever.I use the McAfee free firewall supplied with AOL and NOD32 av along with GIANT(Microsoft) Antispyware and SpywareBlaster as active protection against malware.I use ATI graphics at the moment so have no experience of nvidia drivers.

I can't see that XPpro will make any difference to you unless it comes already up to SP2 level, in which case you will have the latest patches by the time you connect to the web.

  pk470 13:30 30 Jun 2005

If you have the modem plugged into a USB card be it USB 1 or 2 pug it into the USB on the computer
mobo and try,i had this problem when running W2000
But does sound like a power problem.

  pk470 13:31 30 Jun 2005

PLUG,sorry for spelling error

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