nVidia GTS240 upgrade ( DELL OEM)

  Antz 09:04 24 Nov 2011

My dell XPS 8100 (i7 860) based PC is running with an OEM nVidia GTS240 graphics card. The PC uses a Liteon PS6351 PSU 350watt. I need to change out the graphics card as the fan is beginning to fail. I'm trying to get something a little better spec'd that can be matched with the 350Watt PSU. I really can't afford to be upgrading too many components at the moment. I've read that the Radeon HD 5750 may be an option. Does anybody have some words of wisdom?

  gengiscant 09:22 24 Nov 2011

For a start you will be changing a Nvidia graphics card to an ATI graphics card which will make any swap just a little more tricky as you will need to remove Nvidia drivers and them install ATI drivers. Not a big deal but it would be easier to remain with Nvidia and just upgrade.

You have not mentioned a budget which would help.

  Antz 13:38 24 Nov 2011

gengiscant.......first of all , apologies for dual post, had already posted in other forum when I found this one to be more active.

I don't mind swapping out drivers although I have heard that nVidia cards give better results with Flight Sim ( for some reason). My budget is about £100 sterling. I'm not a performance junkie , the only game I play is FSX which is more reliant on CPU than GPU but I would still like to get something decent while I'm at it. I really would like to keep the 350W PSU though as I am a bit stuck for cash at the moment. BTW, there are no addition cards in my case so space doesn't appear to be a problem.

  gengiscant 13:55 24 Nov 2011

The power supply might be a stumbling block but I should think that it might be possible to upgrade the PSU,if necessary and the GPU for £100. I'll have a look and get back to you.

  gengiscant 15:54 24 Nov 2011

About the best I could come up with is a GTX460 768mb preowned would be a nice step up and would leave enough £ left over to buy a cheapo psu.

  Antz 08:39 25 Nov 2011

Thanks a million, It does look like I will have to spend a few quid to make my purchase worthwhile. I'm amazed at how little has changed in 2 yrs. The GTS 240 isn't a bad card when you look at the specs compared to other sub £100 cards around at the moment.

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