Nvidia graphics cards???

  colton 02:27 04 Jan 2008

Is a Nvidia 8500GT better than 2x 8400GS cards?

My new computer should have had 2x 8400GS cards in it but they have been swapped for a 8500GT. The seller describes it as an upgrade but Im not sure and would appreciate an opinion on this.

Also should the 8500GT at 512mb be capable of upto 1gb as this has also been mentioned by the seller?

I have noticed that one or two of my games dont perform very well and sometimes crash.

  lauie 08:19 04 Jan 2008

Hello everyone,

Two questions:-

Are 8800GT PCIe 2.0 cards backward compatible with 1.1 or 1.0 base slots.

Has there been any issues with the P35 chipset, anyone?

thank you,


  keef66 10:58 04 Jan 2008

Both cards are low end as far as gaming is concerned, and I can't imagine anyone wanting to use two 8400 cards in SLI. Probably not much difference, so it's stretching things to call it an upgrade.

Which games are stuttering / crashing?

No idea what you mean by "should the 8500GT at 512mb be capable of upto 1gb"

  martjc 11:17 04 Jan 2008

...I think you are a little confused / have been subject to sales patter designed to impress you. If the 8600GT has 512mb, thats exactly how much video RAM it has. It cannot be increased in any way. I certainly would not buy that machine.

  martjc 11:19 04 Jan 2008

Sorry - meant 8500 GT

  interzone55 11:39 04 Jan 2008

Some graphics cards can be set to use some of the system RAM to increase the memory of the card - I think they call it Hypercache or some such made up word.

The system RAM will be slower than the graphics card ram, so 512mb on the card and 512mb borrowed from Windows will not be as good as 1gb on the card. It will also impact on Windows performance, as this memory will not be available for use by programs.

As for Lauie's question, I think it should be reposted as a separate topic.

  colton 12:02 04 Jan 2008

The computer was bought at Xmas for my son through Ebay and described as a VISTA QUAD CORE 14.4Ghz 4GBRam 1GB SLI Graphics 250GB

when it arrived the setup software was missing and although the seller provided the links to download we had problems with the setup as the computer kept crashing. We installed Windows XP instead of Vista maybe this was the problem Im not sure.

Anyhow the original 2x 8400GS were changed before it arrived as the seller emailed after the purchase stating that there had been 'some issues' with these cards and the SLI system reported by his other customers and that he will 'upgrade' them for the 8500GT which in his terms was 'far superior' to the other.

My son says it isn't and is not happy as when he plays the lates Call of Duty game it keeps crashing.

I have now opened a dispute over this as he has ignored my last two email queries.
Strangely his current advert for this machine is still advertising the original cards.

  keef66 12:29 04 Jan 2008

a quad core CPU (I assume it isn't actually operating at 14.4 Ghz)and 4 gb ram sounds like the basis for a good pc, but if your son wants to play Call of Duty on it you'll need a better graphics card than the 8500 you have, or the two 8400 cards in SLI you thought you were getting.

Did you at any point ask the seller if it would play this game or any game for that matter?

My feeling is that the thing was described not inaccurately, but in a way that made the buyer assume it was better than it is. SLI means two graphics cards working together, it's generally only required for gaming, so it raises the expectation that they are decent cards. 8400's are far from that, and sticking 2 of them together wouldn't improve things much. In fact you're probably better off with the simplicity of a single 8500gt card

Bit like buying a car with a V6 engine, only to find it's only 1100cc.

  interzone55 12:53 04 Jan 2008

Do you have a link to the sale so I can have a look at the spec.

I'd be interested in seeing a 14.4ghz CPU

  colton 13:04 04 Jan 2008

Hi Keef66

I didn't ask the seller prior to buying the machine as I presumed it would be ok for playing games.
I paid £450 for the computer (tower only) which seemed a decent price to me.

The seller has offered to swap back the cards if I want but from what you say there seems to be little point.

Could I put another card in with the 8500GT to upgrade or should I buy a much better card?

  colton 13:08 04 Jan 2008

Here is the link to the spec:

click here

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