NVIDIA GeForce FX9500 Ultra driver

  Night Ryder 00:14 15 Apr 2005

I have an NVIDIA GeForce FX9500 Ultra graphics card. I have two Op systems on my PC. One is Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional.

I am curious as to whether any one else has found this problem?

I downloaded the latest drivers from the NVIDIA web site and installed. Afer this both the systems (Win2000 and WinXP) intermittantly booted up to just before the welcome screen then threw up the blue screen of death and promptly shut the PC down. As I watched the PC would continue this cycle of trying to boot and shut down until I finaly got bored and pulled the mains plug out.

Afer forcing a complete sutdown in this manner several times I could get the system to boot properly and everything seemed to work OK.

If I shut down the PC and tried again very often the problem was there again. (Trying to boot and sutting down again).

Eventualy I reverted back to the previous drivers and the problem was gone ... All OK again.

Has anyone had or heard of any problems with this new NVIDIA driver?

  ACOLYTE 00:53 15 Apr 2005

I have had the new 71.84 Forceware drivers installed for a few weeks on my xp machine with no errors or upsets.Also do you mean FX 5900 ultra card and not FX 9500? if not im sorry its just i never heard of the FX 9500 before at least not Nvidia ones.Did you uninstall the old drivers first or just install over the top? sometimes this works somtimes it doesnt,if you didnt uninstall the old drivers try doing that then install the new ones.


  Night Ryder 18:31 15 Apr 2005

Sorry yes "5900". Typo

  Totally-braindead 20:01 15 Apr 2005

I've been running my FX5900 with the Omega drivers for months now with no problems click here

  Night Ryder 20:16 16 Apr 2005

Problem resolved. When I looked at the installed software on my PC, I noticed that there were two entries for NVIDIA drivers. Wilst booting my PC in safe mode I removed all NVIDIA drivers and installed the new ones.

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