Nvidia Geforce 6200 Question!

  gamergod_82 12:21 12 Oct 2007

I own a ATI Radeon 9800 PRO (128MB) (AGP) but the problem is that it does not support Shader model 3.0. Now, I read that the Nvidia Geforce 6200 (256MB) (AGP) supports Shader Model 3.0. Can I invest in buying it, will it be better than the 9800 I have now? I'm going to upgrade my PC shortly, till then I was wondering to try the 6200. Please advice!

  Devil Fish 12:27 12 Oct 2007

your going to upgrade your pc what sort of upgrade are you looking at at, if you are moving up to pci -e board i would sit with what you have at the moment and make the change with the upgrade

  Devil Fish 12:29 12 Oct 2007

need edit button

should add if you are using it for gaming you can pick up an 8600 for around £60 but you will need a pci-e slot click here

  umbongo(uk) 15:50 12 Oct 2007

no it wont the 9800 kills it//but as u pointed out no sm.3 so splinter cell 3 is out the window
the 6200 is about on par with nvidia 5500/5700 speed
wait for the upgrade

  Totally-braindead 15:54 12 Oct 2007

I have to agree that the 9800 pro is a better cared than the 6200. If you did buy the 6200 its like going backwards. I think waiting till you get an upgrade is best as well ( I am also assumming by upgrade you mean new board and processor).

  gamergod_82 16:44 12 Oct 2007

Thanksss a ton...I was about to get the 6200! Now i'll just wait till I get the newer mobo and the processor. Sadly though I cant play my brand new copy of Splinter Cell Double Agent with the Radeon 9800 PRO because of the Shader Model 3.0 support problems! Thought the 6200 would run it!!!!
Btw, will for the time being, upgrading to this new version driver (Catalyst 7.9.1) (in the website below) help me to atleast play 'Scarface: The World Is Yours'?

click here

My system configs right now are:

P4, 2.4 GHz
ATI Radeon 9800 PRO (128MB, AGP)

Thanks again!!!

  1234s282 17:56 12 Oct 2007

Dont listen to anyone else

I own the 256MB Geforce 6200 and it is an extremely good card.

It scores 3.9 on Windows Vista Experience Index aswell and runs Aero comfortably

Id recommend the 6200 , or possibly the 6600 LE if you can afford it.

  umbongo(uk) 18:19 12 Oct 2007

"Dont listen to anyone else

I own the 256MB Geforce 6200 and it is an extremely good card."

not saying its not a good card ,saying whats the point buying a card tht is less powerful than the current his current one//albight no sm3 for one game he,s got//think the only other game is bioshock but there,s an sm,2 patch for it
it makes no sense to buy it if he,s going to upgrade.
a card in the same price bracket in pci_e form will be far more powerful

by the way if he was wanting another agp with same or more power than his current 9800card and supporting sm,3 an ati 1600.1650 or 7600 would be wiser not the 2 less powerful cards you chipped in with

6600le is a joke nvidia cruely played on people it effectivly a 6200 128bit before 6200 started using the 128 bit interface

  Crazygeorge3 18:23 12 Oct 2007

i had a 6500 up until last year. It was a pretty good card, it was basically a 6200 with higher clock rates. But its not really an upgrade from a 9800, if all you can get is AGP invest in a 7800gtx.
"I own the 256MB Geforce 6200 and it is an extremely good card.

It scores 3.9 on Windows Vista Experience Index aswell and runs Aero comfortably"
Well thats weird, because i have a geforce 7600GS and it only scores 3.9, and in terms of spec the 7600gs is much better than the 6200. Are you sure its not 2.9?.

  Devil Fish 18:48 12 Oct 2007

ok forget the vista index scores

gamergod_82 wanted to know wether the 6200 was ok for games


the above card will not cut the mustard in the modern gaming enviroment

so therefor in my opinion its best to save the money and get something with a bit more bite during the upgrade process

  gamergod_82 19:59 12 Oct 2007

I'll just hold now with the 9800 PRO I guess. What about the Catalyst 7.9.1 drivers? Downloading that will help me to run Scarface?

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