nvidia Ge force 6200 will not boot windows

  ronw 11:10 30 Jun 2008

after using my winfastleadtek 3d graphics card I upgraded to nvidia GeFORCE 6200 inno3d when I installed it all I get is a screen full of vertical lines and it will not boot into windows
the motherboard is msi kt4 ultra I can install my friends GeFORCE 6200 without a fan and it works no problem, how can I get the card to work

  brundle 11:23 30 Jun 2008

Does your card work on your friend's machine? If not the card needs replacing.

  ronw 12:20 30 Jun 2008

hi brundle my card works okay on friends pc

  crosstrainer 15:38 30 Jun 2008

Did you uninstall the drivers for the old card before installing the new one?

Control Panel> add remove programmes (programmes and features in Vista)

Scroll down for any mention of the old card, and choose uninstall to remove the software.

Download the latest drivers from:

click here

Choose you operating system from the drop down box.

Install the new card and then the new drivers if it boots ok.

  Pamy 15:51 30 Jun 2008

Is there any difference between your friends GeForce 6200 and your GeForce 6200 that you know of? How about asking your friend to do a swap?

  ronw 17:14 30 Jun 2008

crosstrainer removed old drivers from add & remove programs put new card in still no joy the pc is not going to bios just vertical lines on screen as before

  crosstrainer 06:09 01 Jul 2008

Sounds as if you may have a fault with your PCIE slot on the motherboard. Since the card work's on another machine, we can be fairly certain it isn't that.

Does your mobo support 2x graphics cards? (does it have 2 pcie slots...If so, try it in another slot.

BTW...your old card wasn't onboard by any chance was it? If it is, go into your BIOS screen, and disable it. Then try the new card again.

  ronw 09:36 01 Jul 2008

my friends card works okay in my pc as does mine in his so it's not agp slot at fault, my card also works in his pc no problem the bios screen flashes up as normal also my bios screen does not come up when new card fitted so can't change bios to install new drivers. I have only have one agp slot to work with

  crosstrainer 11:29 01 Jul 2008

COuld be a power supply issue, that's about the last thing to try.

If you can, get hold of a borrowed one and see if the card works. If it does, you may have to upgrade your PSU to something more powerful.

  ronw 13:26 01 Jul 2008

crosstrainer will look out for more powerful psu thanks for your help ronw

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