nVIDIA Drivers v77.77 available

  GaT7 18:14 13 Aug 2005

click here (for GeForce/TNT2 graphics cards & Win 2000/XP).

[For other drivers/OSes: click here.]

I installed over the top with no problems. G

  kyprosman 18:50 13 Aug 2005


  BH34 11:03 14 Aug 2005

Thank you

  Baslla321 12:39 14 Aug 2005

I installed it with no problem but I uninstalled the previous drivers first and put of Nortons anti virus

  ACOLYTE 12:46 14 Aug 2005

I installed these straight over the top of the others as i do with all nvidea drivers and it works ok.Pity i cant get the stereo mode to work.


  GaT7 12:56 14 Aug 2005

ACOLYTE, stereo mode? What's that please? G

  ACOLYTE 13:13 14 Aug 2005

click here

Im not really sure what its purpose is, i think its for playing games in 3D color.But you need 3D glasses i think.

  Stuartli 13:19 14 Aug 2005

IIRC I'm on 77.71 - I really don't see much point in updating the drivers as the latest revisions don't affect my system.

I also have RivaTuner which allows you to tweak the NVidia settings if required. In my case it's partially to force 4x AGP to stay at that setting with an 8x graphics card instead of defaulting to 2x, despite being correct in the Bios.

  ACOLYTE 13:29 14 Aug 2005

Thats a wierd thing Stuartli i didnt know an 8x agp card would work in a x2 mobo,i thought it was a voltage issue that they would run at x4 by default if the mobo didnt support x8.

  GaT7 13:58 14 Aug 2005

Ta, I understand now. I don't think my graphics card - a GeForce4 Ti 4200 - supports those features so it isn't visible.

"I really don't see much point in updating the drivers as the latest revisions don't affect my system." - a wise choice. G

  Stuartli 14:11 14 Aug 2005

No, it's a 4x AGP motherboard - the step up to 8x doesn't work performance ratio wise, as is also the case with the Bios AGP aperture setting (64MB is usually the best setting).

The problem was that the setting would revert to 2x in the nVidia Control Centre and RivaTuner maintains the 4x preference (at least in my case!)

It's worth a read of this excellent guide (and the others from author Koroush Ghazi):

click here

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