Nvidia Drivers

  Phoenix40 18:13 05 Aug 2010

Hello ive been having problems with my desktop recently so i decided to see if i download the latest Nvidia drivers for my Packard Bell tower computer which uses Wins Vista. The graphic card is a 8400GS one. I downloaded the recent drivers and when it finished it came up with this mystery message if anyone can understand it.

It says - Rundll - Error in C:\win\sys32\NVCPL.DLL
Missing entry : Export OEM Defaults.

It then said unable to install core components used last restored functions.

I admit im not into computer jargon too much so if someone can explain whats happened and in simple language what i can do to rectify the problem. I have got the computer running but im still waiting to see if ive still got my previous problems. Hope someone can help thanks.

  keef66 11:43 06 Aug 2010

Did you download the drivers from the Nvidia site? It's possible you need OEM drivers from the Packard Bell website instead.

  gengiscant 12:01 06 Aug 2010

Did you uninstall the old driver's first?

  Pineman100 12:02 06 Aug 2010

I always download drivers for my Packard Bell computer from Packard Bell themselves.

Never had a problem yet.

  Phoenix40 17:47 06 Aug 2010

Hello thank you for your replies i will reply to each in order.

Yes i did download my latest drivers from the Nvidia site as i have a Nvidia graphics card already installed when i bought the computer. So i naturally thought i installed the drivers from Nvidia.

No i did not uninstall the old drivers i wasnt aware one had to, i didnt do it last time either. Is that what i should do?

Is there any difference getting the drivers from Packard Bell instead of Nvidia? Also what is OEM drivers i have never heard of them before? How do i download them also are there different types for Packard Bell machines? And do i know which one to download?

I hope this explains everything. I look forward to any replies on what i should do, thanks.

  blanco 18:42 06 Aug 2010

In recent years I have always relied on FileHippo updates. They advise when there is a new driver and connect direct to the download for the new one.
There is no removal of the old drivers involved and, apart from a reboot, no special requirements.

  Phoenix40 22:28 06 Aug 2010

Hello thanks for your reply. I just had an idea i often seem to get messages about problems with Internet Explorer. Is there anyway i can check on this and scan or correct any problems with it.If any one can get back to me and explain what i can do thanks.

  citadel 22:42 06 Aug 2010

you can roll back driver to your previous one in device manager. put repair internet explorer into google and from the microsoft site in results there is a scan that can 'fix it now' while you are online.

  Phoenix40 23:57 06 Aug 2010

Hello thank you for your help. I used the Microsoft internet repair site. It did find a couple of things to fix but the problem i have watching stream programs then going back to desktop to find it freezed up and i cant use my icons still happens. But i tried my internet Firefox and that causes no problems, just my internet explorer. Also i know what you mean about rolling back to my previous graphic drivers i did it once before. But this time the button seems to be greyed out and i cant use it. Maybe its because of the problem i had with my desktop i had installed it twice yesterday. So im having to use both internet engines at the moment so thanks for your help anyway.

  gengiscant 10:40 07 Aug 2010

You could try this, go here and download the correct drivers for your card,use option 2. Save the download to somewhere you can find it easily.

Uninstall old drivers. Then use this click here
to fully clean out any remnants.

Install the new driver and hopefully your problem will be sorted.

  Phoenix40 13:19 07 Aug 2010

Hello i think i have sorted it out now. I did another scan with my Malewarebyte scanner and it showed up in the end several Trojan viruses that got on there. I have cleared them now and things seem to be running better. In the previous message you mention a particular site to go too to download the drivers but you havent put in the site? I will make note of it next time if you put it down like i have with the driver clearance system. Thank you all for your help anyway.

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