Nvidia driver updates(Do I need them?)

  hiwatt 18:44 23 May 2008

Hi folks,windows gave me a message saying nvida video stopped responding or something similar and looked for solutions.It couldn't find any and told me to try nvidia website.When I do an automatic search for drivers it's saying there are drivers availiable for the motherboard and also graphic drivers.Should I download these?I'm a bit nervous as my system restore is deleting all SR points on reboot.Any help much appreciated.Thankyou.

  hiwatt 18:48 23 May 2008

After downloading one driver update from nvidia I now have an icon on my desktop saying "play portal now"?

  citadel 18:49 23 May 2008

was it just a single instance and has the pc returned to normal. if so ignore message. if you are still haveing trouble update graphics driver.

  mrwoowoo 18:56 23 May 2008

It's just a shortcut to playing Portal and a few other steam games online, which are offered free when you update your graphics driver.
Obviously,you don't have to play them,but it does mean your graphics card has updated successfully.

  hiwatt 18:58 23 May 2008

Yes the computer is working normal.It's just that a few times windows has reported programs not responding.It's usually nvidia related but there's no real problems with the computer.When I do an automatic search for drivers on the nvidia site it's showing updates but I'm not sure if I should download them all or what?Thanks.

  Rob_08 19:24 23 May 2008

Portal shortcut is just a link to the site for free games. Just delete it.

  MAT ALAN 19:35 23 May 2008

click here

Wanna try some drivers..

I do not normally download anything like this till i had an odd issue with my VGA card (6600GT) so i thought, latest drivers!!! not exactly sure how i found these but i'm glad i did..
In for a penny i thought so donload them i did, i am not a serious gamer but the games i do play all work about 20x better.
Whatever they have done to this driver pack will remain a mystery but what i can tell you is THEY ROCK!!!!

You can always uninstall them if there are any issues but for me my Pc has never worked so good...

  hiwatt 20:24 23 May 2008

I don't play games atall.Is there any benefit to had from updating drivers if I don't play games on the computer?Thanks.

  hiwatt 20:24 23 May 2008

Sorry I should've mentioned that the OS is window vista.

  MAT ALAN 21:24 23 May 2008

All round graphic performance for me is so much better than it ever was, the link is for 6,7,8 series cards but XP only.
There are Vista drivers shown in the link but they are not modified, if your PC is running fine at this time i would advise you leave it as it is...

  hiwatt 08:43 24 May 2008

This is strange.I've had an ongoing problem with system restore deleting all SR points every time I reboot.Since downloading these drivers system restore is now working properly.Briliant.I wouldn't have thought drivers could affect system restore?All good thanks.

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