Nvidia driver issue with GTS250 1GB

  Ricktos 20:31 19 Jun 2009

I recently purchased a GTS 250 1GB to replace a Radeon 2600XT 512MB in my PC.

It was a straight swap and nothing else on the PC was changed.

Since installing I have had framerate issues with some of the games that I play. Most of them usually start off fine but get to a point where the game becomes choppy and framerate begins to lag.

When I installed the new card I uninstalled the last cards drivers and restarted before making the changover and installing the new drivers.

I've installed the new Nvidia drivers today but there is no change. I'm not sure what to do, I was expecting a little more out of the upgrade.

The only other clue is that on Nvidia's site where the drivers are detected automatically to see if they require updating it reports my drivers as being 3.04 rather than the up to date ones that are installed.

Any help appreciated...

  citadel 21:18 19 Jun 2009

as you have changed from ati to nvidia you should have removed ati drivers and run driver cleaner to get rid of the leftovers before installing the new card. the latest drivers are 186.18. you go directly to nvidia driver download for them.

  Ricktos 22:06 19 Jun 2009

As per my original post, I have already downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the Nvidia site. The problem is that depsite doing so, the detection tool on the Nvidia site says that my drivers are 3.04...

I'll try using a driver cleaner tool though.

  Ricktos 09:01 21 Jun 2009

No luck unfortunately.

The driver update doesn't say anything about requiring an update for the graphics card...

Any other suggestions?

  Ricktos 15:55 21 Jun 2009

bumpy bumpy

  citadel 17:12 21 Jun 2009

the 3.04 must be a motherboard driver

  rdave13 17:57 21 Jun 2009

Looking again on your first post 'When I installed the new card I uninstalled the last cards drivers and restarted before making the changover and installing the new drivers.'
You should have uninstalled the original drivers for the original card while it was fitted to your PC. Not selected reboot but shutown.
Replaced the GPU card then booted up. Canceled Windows wizard for 'found new hardware' and used the drivers disc supplied with the new graphics card.

  Ricktos 20:08 22 Jun 2009

Thanks rdave13, any idea how to stop the automatic installation of drivers? The bubble in the bottom corner seems unstoppable..

I'll then be able to follow your advice to the letter.

  Ricktos 20:40 23 Jun 2009


  citadel 17:33 02 Jul 2009

guru3d.com in the nvidia driver forum there is a sticky with full instuctions 'how to properly uninstall graphics card drivers'.

  Ricktos 15:53 05 Jul 2009

Apologies for time since last post, my computer has been down. It transpired, when checking cooling, that my CPU was running at about 90 Celsius when stressed. I changed the CPU Fan for something a bit meatier and it caused the 12V plug on the motherboard to fail. A PSU and Mobo have been replaced and I bought another hard drive.

I have now re-installed Windows up to SP2 on the new hard drive. Obviously the latest driver was installed but exactly the same problem has occured now I have re-installed my games.

Temps all seem okay and after recently dusting down the old game Mafia, it is clear that it's not specifically a load problem on the games requirements as exactly the same thing occurs in Mafia.

Any other ideas...?

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