nvidia detonator problem

  pookie 12:29 30 Apr 2003


1.9xp athlon, windows xp home, 512 DDR pc2100 ram, ti4200 64mb graphics and ecs k7s5a mobo.

I had 41.xx drivers and had a 3d score of 9500 approx. I uninstalled these and installed 43.xx drivers and my score went to 7400 approx. I knew that it may be slower from a previous post I put on. So, I quickly uninstalled these and installed 41.xx drivers again. But, my 3d score is 8100 approx - I've lost about 1400. Even through roll back option it's down to 8100.

I should mention that when I uninstall I do it through add/remove programs and from remove display adapter option in device manager.

But when I install drivers again it comes up that some of 41.xx are already there and do I want to overwrite these which I do. But whatever way I reinstall drivers my score is always this 8100 figure.

So, how do I uninstall detonators completely and reinstall the 41.xx drivers.

Many thanks


  IZZY 12:44 30 Apr 2003

Pookie, Hi,

Go to this site...

click here

and look for detonator destroyer. There are instructions of how to get rid of old detonator drivers and installing new ones.

Hope this helps.



  pookie 13:13 30 Apr 2003


Thanks for this - but I looked at detonator destroyer instructions and it says that it doesn't support xp yet.

Will it still work?


  pookie 13:29 30 Apr 2003


Detonator RIP of the same site as above says it can be used with xp. anyone used this?

  pookie 18:41 30 Apr 2003

refreshing for the evening crew

  Ironman556 19:05 30 Apr 2003

When did you test the card? The score may go down as you load more stuff into your system.

  pookie 21:51 30 Apr 2003

hi ironman556

I tested it about 10 minutes before I uninstalled/installed. I've just tried installing 41.xx again and get the 8100 score yet again.

  Ironman556 19:07 02 May 2003

The problem may be that something is left on the system which isn't removed by uninstalling the drivers. I had a conflict when upgrading my graphics card from an ATI Rage Fury to a GF4. I had direct draw problems. After spending ages sorting throuigh and deleteing files and reg entries left over I had to reformat to get the new card to work with direct draw.

  pookie 13:23 06 May 2003

Ironman 556

Thanks for your help with this one.

I'm abit embarressed to say what happened, and it may be coincidence, but it may help someone else.

After all the installing/uninstalling I looked in the performance tab on the ti4200 and notice that it was on 'application'. I moved it to' and low and behold my score went back up to normal.


  Ironman556 18:57 06 May 2003

Glad you got it sorted. It was probably a default setting. The defaults tend to be for general use and more stable, not for high performance which can cause problems/crashes, usually on lower spec machines. That way if you change somthing and the system doesn't like it, it's easy to hit restore defaults and start tweaking again.

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