Nvidia card fan

  JACC 11:16 20 Jul 2005

My pc has started to freeze after the kids have been playing games for approx 30-45 mins . I've downloaded MM5 and the case and cpu temps are fine ( case 39c cpu 43c)Cpu goes up to 50c when gameplaying . I took a look at the graphics card and the fan was quite stiff to turn so i cleaned it out and is a bit freer but nopt turning loosely . Have i just answered my own post ? A new graphics card probably ? The card is Nvidia FX 5600LX 256mbram AGP

  jimv7 11:20 20 Jul 2005

If the fan is 1 of those that are held on by screws, take it off and go to maplins, they stock a good range of fans, unless you want a new graphics card.

  JACC 11:26 20 Jul 2005

Thanks jimv7 will give it a look.

  DieSse 11:28 20 Jul 2005

New fans for graphics cards click here

Doesn't need to be a great fan for a budget card - but much cheaper than a new card

  JACC 11:33 20 Jul 2005

Thankyou DieSse

  Belatucadrus 15:37 20 Jul 2005

And click here these show illustrations of the product, I fitted a Vantec iceberg click here to an old Voodoo card, does the job extremely well, even if it is the cheapest one you can get.
Probably an idea to see how easy it is to remove the existing fan before buying a replacement. Clip on ones are easy, anything glued on with thermal cement is going to be much harder.

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