nvidia 8800gt/mobo compatability

  elmerfudge 15:33 01 Feb 2008

Have an ASUS P5VD2-MX Mobo and NVIDIA GeForce 6600. Purchased an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT -Gainward, last week. Installed and met with blank monitor. All power leads connected. Cards powers up as does PC but no beep on boot and no boot up. Put card in another PC and met by same result with Monitor displaying "No Signal". Extensive research on Web suggests that card is never going to work with my Mobo so returned to supplier. I would like to install the "fastest" card possible so would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions as to suitable card for this Mobo.

  keef66 15:45 01 Feb 2008

I can't imagine why an 8800gt wouldn't work in that mobo. When you tried it in another pc and got the same result, didn't you conclude you'd been sent a duff graphics card? Try another 8800gt.

  elmerfudge 16:05 01 Feb 2008

That is exactly what I did conclude. However, the suppliers RMA page is telling me that they have tested the card and it is fine. They are refunding me in full minus P&P of course!!
I also queried another supplier about a different "badged" 8800gt and was advised that if one didn't work then a different one would not work.

  citadel 16:19 01 Feb 2008

if you have a 16x pci express slot any pci express card should work. if your motherboard is a few years old check to see if there are any bios updates that have come out that fix graphic card compatability problems.

  elmerfudge 16:27 01 Feb 2008

Mobo has 16x pci express slot, was purchased 18 months ago and has been been updated as per the ASUS site.

  keef66 16:46 01 Feb 2008

what bios revision do you have at the moment?

1017 is the latest according to Asus' site, but that's dated 15.06.07; two earlier updates mention improved compatibility with certain PCI-e cards, but they go back to 2006.

  keef66 16:52 01 Feb 2008

don't take any of this the wrong way, but I just need to be sure.

What power supply do you have? Manufacturer, max output in Watts, and amps on the 12v rails?

You definitely had the card supplied with an additional PCI-e power lead?

The mobo had both the 24 pin power connector and the extra 4 pin power connector attached?

  elmerfudge 19:01 01 Feb 2008

Bios Revision is 1017 dated 30-4-07. PSU is 500w Dual Rail. Don't know what amperage is.
Card was supplied with Molex 6 lead/split into 2 which I had plugged in to 2 distinct outputs from the PSU.

  keef66 18:26 02 Feb 2008

I'm baffled then

  elmerfudge 19:05 02 Feb 2008

Thanks for your help keef66. I am going to raise it with ASUS when I can get into my PC and get the Serial Nos etc. I will post the result but it will probably take a while.

  dagwoood 12:24 03 Feb 2008

The problem IS with your motherboard. It has an older VIA chipset and it isn't backwards compatible with PCI-E v2 cards. Non of the G92 cards from Nvidia or the HD3850/70 will work on your board.

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