nvidia 7800GT or a brand new 7900GT

  the old man 20:01 24 Mar 2006

Will i find there is much difference and since the 7800GT is now tried and trusted should i stick with that or go for the new kid on the block.

  hba4345 06:32 25 Mar 2006

What monitor resolution are you running at 'the old man'? 19" monitors mostly have a native resolution of 1280x1024, at which the 7800GT can handle most every game at very good framerates. From what I have gleaned on the 7900GT it will benchmark comparably with the older 7800GTX's but at a cheaper price.
If you want to run at higher resolutions than 1280x1024 you'd probably be better off with the 7900GT, but as they are new they may be in short supply.
It's the age old problem, whatever you get for your PC something new will come out in a matter of weeks or months and outdate it. The 7800GT is still a hugely capable card, and will become a more attractive buy if the prices start to drop due to the 7900 release. However, the 7900GT will most likely be 125-20% faster and is the newer card, it just depends on what you will be happy with.
As for me I'm slightly miffed as I just got a 7800GT a month ago before I knew about the 7900 release. Looks like I'll just have to get another one and SLi them together!

  hba4345 06:34 25 Mar 2006

Post above should read '15 to 20% faster'...sorry.

  the old man 11:16 25 Mar 2006

19" Viewsonic VA1912W Digital & Multi Media Widescreen TFT Display

will be used, hopefully with the above where the native resolution is 1440 X 900.
Will use an SLI mobo so can wait for drop in price to get another one and pair up. It just seems like a bargain to good to miss. I agree with your point of the 7800 dropping in price sooner but I can wait for the same option with the 7900.

  the old man 11:56 26 Mar 2006

Does anyone else have any opinions please.

  the old man 15:25 26 Mar 2006


  Mr Beeline 17:33 26 Mar 2006


If it was me, I would not bother. I've always found it best to skip a generation of cards, otherwise you usually end up being disappointed that there isn't a real noticeable difference. Even 20% of 50 FPS is only another 10 FPS. Worth it maybe if your card is currently struggling but I can't see that a 7800GT would be quite yet. Though as already commented, it depends on what resolution you want to play at etc. If you have the disposable income and just "want it" then fine but otherwise I'd not bother. In another 6 months time there will be another crop of cards to blow the current ones away.

Good luck whatever you decide.

  the old man 21:31 27 Mar 2006

It seems as if there needs to be a bit of clarification on my part. I am in the process of trying to find a new system and have read all the glowing reports of the 7800gt/gtx but those systems are usually a couple of hundred over the £1000 mark. However, i have found a system which has the new 7900gt and also has the 19" Viewsonic VA1912W Digital & Multi Media Widescreen TFT Display.
My initial enquiry was to go for the new system with the 7900gt at £999inc. vat and delivery or look for a similar system with the 7800gt card.
at the moment i am running an athlon xp 2000+ with an FX5200. have looked at likes of scan, pcspecialist and cube247 and such like and they don't seem to have as much grunt as this system i am looking at.
Have £1000 to spend....ish.

  hba4345 05:43 28 Mar 2006

Got you now, if you could post a link to the sites where you saw the systems I am sure there are many here that would compare the two and offer advice.
PC's are a sum of thier parts, a single top of the line graphics card does not a good system make if they are skimping in other components.
Some applications today are very CPU intensive, if your components are not balanced you may find a top of the line 7900GT being underutilised while the CPU is going flat out trying to keep up.

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