nvidia 6800 GT, ATI X800 Pro, and power....

  gdawg 10:53 19 Oct 2004

Dear All,

First, thanks for taking the time to read this (and hopefully respond!)

Second, I am not into the ATI is better than nvidia, nvidia is better than ATI debates that occur - I just want the best card for the job....

On paper and all reviews, the nividia 6800GT is better bang for buck than the ATI X800 Pro, and ideally I would like to replace my standard Radeon 9800 with the 6800GT...however, to the best of my knowledge (and I am going to double check!), I have a 300W PSU, which I believe is at the minimum requirement end of the scale for both of these cards? In my system I have one HD, a DVD-ROM, DVD-R/W, USB DSL modem, Audigy 2 soundcard and a Leadtek Winfast TV tuner card, I don't have banks of hard disks etc etc, so would 300W be enough? I'm not into modding per se but would upgrade the PSU (to a quiet one!) if absolutely necessary....

again thanks for taking the time to read!


  JonnyTub 11:00 19 Oct 2004

click here I think you'll be fine with the 300w the ultra's seem to require a bit more oomph. If you find your having problems then upgrade it.

  gdawg 11:11 19 Oct 2004


I seem to hit about 337 on that page, although to be honest i never use the DVD-R/W drive, and I've got a 56K modem that's now redundant thanks to the ADSL one on USB... As those figures are all estimates and at peak load, maybe it would be ok....well, probably ok enough to try, and if it glitches as you say I can upgrade the PSU then

As another point anyone know anything about the Galaxy Glacier GeForce 6800 GT?

A friend of mine is thinking of upgrading, despite the evidence says he's going to stick with the X800 Pro because 'my computer came with ATI so I'm going to stick with them'.....some people!!


  simonp1 11:24 19 Oct 2004


The Galaxy Glacier GeForce 6800 GT? is slightly clocked more than the standard GT card..all reports seem to say its a cracking card..i think the cost is the same belive it or not..

AS for power, personally you might want a True 400w PSU..dont get fooled into a 550w for £20 Joby..

  georgemac 11:38 19 Oct 2004

I think you'll be pushing it with a 300 watt psu - what type of cpu do you have in there? and what type of motherboard?

newer motherboards (and p4 I believe) use the 4 pin 12 volt connector to power the cpu - if you have one of these boards you will need a psu with a high max output on the +12volt rail as this will be powering the graphics card also

if the motherboard does not utilise this 4 pin connector the cpu will be powered from the +3.3 +5 volt rails.

I would also ensure you now have a pfc protected power supply, as these are supposed to ensure that no components will get taken down with a blown psu.

click here is another thread I've been posting in about power supplies with a link to another thread I started.

  gdawg 11:38 19 Oct 2004

No fear, if I do decide to get the card and then find I need to upgrade the PSU, it'll be a quality one! But I also want it to be quiet...I assume fitting a PSU isn't too stressful, I've just got a new Thermaltake Silent Boost A1889 heatsink for my CPU and I admit I'm a bit nervous about installing that.....

As far as I know the Glacier is slightly OC'ed, with upgraded cooler which is also quieter than stock, and i think it takes up two slots....but I can't find any reviews at all!

  JonnyTub 11:51 19 Oct 2004

check out this rather lively discussion click here

  georgemac 12:01 19 Oct 2004

looked at thread - varied views?

if you have an athlon 64 bit or a motherboard with the 4 pin 12 volt connector (p4 use these also?), and you are putting in a decent power hungry graphics card, it is important that your psu is rated at least 18 amps MAX (not peak) output on the +12 volts - this is more important than the overall rating.

Many of the cheap 450/500 watt psu's deliver less power than an antec 350 watt!

If you want to see the output ratings of your current psu, they are usually on a label on the side of the psu.

  georgemac 12:05 19 Oct 2004

many cheap psu's do not justify the rating given to them, many quote peak power output which means nothing.

If you have a good quality 300 watt psu, it will probably outperform a cheap 450/500 watt psu.

The only way to tell how good your psu is - is by checking the MAX output ratings on the +3.3 +5 & +12 volt rails.

  JonnyTub 12:09 19 Oct 2004

yes, very varied views lol.

Basically as you say, if the psu is of good quailty then gdawg should have no problems, on the other hand, if it's not, problems could arise.

  gdawg 12:32 19 Oct 2004

Well the PSU is just a standard one for an Evesham system. For the sake of argument let's say I'm willing to upgrade to 400-500W supply, what would be a quality PSU that is quiet - the lack of noise is nearly as important as reliability! And how much of a pain are they to install?

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