amosoreilly 18:25 29 Dec 2009

i have medion 96630 laptop with vista. my graphics card is nvidia geforce 9300M G, driver version the graphics card keeps crashing vista and i have to take battery out to restart laptop. this happens randomly. i have tried updating vista and the graphics card but it says no updates are needed, please help.

  Bill10 18:42 29 Dec 2009

Download the latest drivers from Nvidia.
I believe they are up to 195.62. Your current ones look a bit old.

  amosoreilly 18:45 29 Dec 2009

should i uninstall old ones first or just download over them, with thanks.

  Bill10 20:37 29 Dec 2009

Uninstall the old ones first from control panel.

  mooly 08:03 30 Dec 2009

Laptop graphics are unique to the individual laptop model in many cases... power saving features and hotkeys may not work correctly with other drivers... if it even lets you install them.

As a first step try and get the correct driver from the Laptop manufacturers site.

You might also have success with Windows update if you select "search for compatable hardware"... when you try and update a driver using the advanced options.
I did with my GEFORCE6100 on an Acer laptop, and found a better driver than the manufacturers old Vista one.

  AL47 09:21 30 Dec 2009

yes, i have quite old drivers on my laptop cause of that very issue

  Heston 10:38 30 Dec 2009

If you go to the Medion site you can download the 186.31 drivers for your specific laptop.

  amosoreilly 14:29 30 Dec 2009

tried the above worked fine but when i turned laptop on today got six windows showing instead of the usuall one.

  gazzaho 14:43 30 Dec 2009

You could try option 2 from NVIDIA's driver site (click here) this will install an applet that scans your hardware and offers the correct driver, in your case it will probably be a "GO" driver as that's NVIDIA's laptop driver. I'm using a GO driver on my laptop for Windows 7 and it works fine.

  Heston 17:17 30 Dec 2009

What do you mean? Can you elaborate?
"got six windows showing instead of the usuall one"
Also you don't need to take the battery out to restart the laptop. Just hold the power button down for a few seconds.

  amosoreilly 18:01 30 Dec 2009

when i restart laptop instead of one vista startup screen there are 6 small ones. also am unable to retart by holding the power button no choice but to take battery out.

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