nVidea or ATI Graphics cards

  [email protected] 10:01 06 Oct 2007

I am looking for a new graphics card.
I have an ATI Radeon X800GTO at the moment.
I rather like the idea of SLI compatibility so I am looking at the Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS range, with a view to twinning up later if I so wished.
Having narrowed my choice to the MSI NX8600GTS, ASUS EN8600GTS and Gigabyte NX86S, all about the same price, I decided to look at ATI for about the same price - and wondered if they was any real significant difference between the two marques other than the SLI thing!
I realise one man's meat is another man's poison and people will hold strong views about their favourites, but I would welcome any comments.
The SLI is not the be all and end all as I have read 1 good card is better than 2 lesser cards. I would welcome any comments on that too.
Thanks in advance as always.

  crosstrainer 10:12 06 Oct 2007

The Nvidia option, even one 8600GTS will give you great gaming performance. If you choose to use two (or even the GTX) Make sure your power supply has the correct connectors (these cards need a special supplemental connection for extra juice) If you have the right psu, click here to calculate requirements.

  [email protected] 10:27 06 Oct 2007

Thanks. I have a Seasonic S600w which is SLI ready (or so it says on the box).

  Snec 10:29 06 Oct 2007

I have both nVidea and ATI on various machines and, in all truth, I don't find any difference.

If someone knows where one is better than the other (with a straight comparison) then perhaps they will be kind enough to tell us. I expect there must be differences (plus & minus) but I've not discovered any.

  [email protected] 10:34 06 Oct 2007

Chrs Snec. I suppose you are right and it's probably down to personal choice in the end and I suppose the quality of the screen must be considered also. The specs for all these things get more than a bit confusing with the numbers game on everything (bigger, better) when really it's what the eye sees that matters?
I'll leave the thread open for a while to see if there are any other comments.

  [email protected] 10:42 06 Oct 2007

I have an ASUS mobo and have tried searching the site for the "compatible graphics cards" but can't seem to find it. Can someone oblige me with the navigation? Thanks.

  martjc 10:49 06 Oct 2007

...both ATI and nVidea supply excellent graphics cards - well, they are the best in the business, in direct competition to each other and at the leading edge.

I would not worry about the slight differences unless you are a thorough tech head [but if that was the case you'd know the distinction any way].

In all, if you are happy with what you see on screen, it's not worth the bother.

  crosstrainer 10:59 06 Oct 2007

As long as your mobo has at least one PCIE slot, then you are good to install the new card, obviously, if you are going to buy two, you need 2 PCIE slots.

Good prices from click here or click here Where you buy from is obviously up to you, shopping around always helps:)

  [email protected] 12:57 06 Oct 2007

This is an interesting link for anyone following the thread:
click here
I may go for the MSI :-)

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