NVidea graphics driver crashes on start up

  snudgeley 19:02 24 Nov 2006

I have recently installed ECS PF5 Extreme motherboard, Intel Pentium D 850 dual core Processor together with NVidia GE7300 graphics card, running on Windows XP Home edition and have Norton ant-virus installed.

Everytime in install the NVidea drivers whether from disk or the latest downloadd, on start up windows crashes and blacks out the monitor screen.

I desparately need a fix as am getting very frustrated..........

  Technotiger 19:06 24 Nov 2006

Hi, this is only a guess, but I would suggest you uninstall NortonAV and use AVG from click here instead. Don't ask me why, just a feeling!


  snudgeley 21:11 24 Nov 2006

Thanks but after trying still have the same problem. Windows always fails to load and I have to re-boot in safe mode, delete the drivers and then I can re-boot using basic VGA driver, but this is far from satisfactory. Winds helpdesk provided no solution and Nvidea say to refer to PC provider, which in this case in no help at all.

  SLAYER 07:13 25 Nov 2006

Have a look here.

click here

and here.

click here

  snudgeley 11:34 25 Nov 2006

Thanks, now downloading the driver archive to see if any will work cirrectly. One point I should raise is that if I repeat re-boot 2/3/ times after the black screen effect the screen will load sometimes garbled and sometimes with a flicker, then eventually after about the 4th re-boot it lads correctly and opeates with no probelms. If I then shut down, and re-start the PC immediately it re-loads corrrectly. However if I shut down and leave the PC off for more than 1hr I have the same probelm.

Is if the graphics card, the driver, the motherboard of the config that is causing the problem.


  gudgulf 11:51 25 Nov 2006

This sounds like the graphics card is failing.Working correctly after several attempts to start it and restarting when at its running temperature, but not when it has allowed to cool down suggests a problem with one or more of the capacitors on the card.

Is the graphics card new?

If so I would consider returning it........but before you do physically remove it and reseat it in its slot.Make absolutely sure it is fully inserted and try reinstalling the drivers again.

If you can get hold of a alternative card and substitute it for yours,that would be the ideal way of identifying if the problem lies with your graphics card or not.

  snudgeley 13:32 25 Nov 2006

Thanks for the advice - will do, got to be worth a try.

  lapnutty 16:53 26 Nov 2006


i knwo this sounds really realyy stupid but i've had a simialr problem with my graphics card blankingo ut - it was DUST!

I removed the graphics card and reinsterted it had a quick dust off everything and it's all working!


  crosstrainer 17:23 26 Nov 2006

Just a thought.... I had major problems with my 2 7600 gts in a 64 bit fx setup... I have found that the older drivers (supplied with the cards) work fine, but the new Nvidia stuff will not did you download the entire chipset package or just the display drivers? Either way, I found the older ones to be more stable and this new system now works fine. I am not sure if this pertains exactly to your pc, but I would uninstall all Nvidia drivers and go back to the old ones IE: the ones supplied with your motherboard and graphics card cds.

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