Numlock/Capslock indicator?

  Simsy 18:34 04 Apr 2003

Hi chums,

Having recently got a cordless keyboard/mouse, I'm finding it annoying not having the Numlock and Capslock lights on the keyboard.

I'm trying, so far in vain, to find a utility that will display the state of these functions, permanantly on screen, preferably in the systray.

The labtec help is trying, but unsucessfully so far, to come to my aid with this one.

Searching did enable me to find some help and I was able to get a small VB project working that gave the correct indications, but it only responded while it was the active programme... not much use. My VB knowledge is far below whats needed to make a "proper" prog to do this.

Does anyone out there know of a small download that will perform this function.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Pesala 18:43 04 Apr 2003

In WordPerfect this function is available on the status bar at the bottom of the screeen. If you search the help in Word it may be possible there too.

  Installer. 19:56 04 Apr 2003

There is a utility that gives a caps lock indication in the system tray, I'll have a look.

  Installer. 19:59 04 Apr 2003

Here it is click here

  fitshase 20:00 04 Apr 2003

I've only found a few but full versions cost money:-

click here

click here

click here

click here

Hope this helps



  AubreyS 21:26 04 Apr 2003

Windows has an option to let you know when the caps lock, num lock or scroll lock buttons have been hit. Open the Control Panel, choose Accessibility Options and select Use Toggle Keys. Click OK, and now every time you hit Caps Lock or Num Lock, you will hear a warning tone.

  AudioVic' 23:45 04 Apr 2003

If you are running W98 or earlier (I can't say for XP or 2000/nt)

Click on start, Run.

Type: sysedit

open config.sys

add command:



or go into bios and check numlock status on

  DieSse 23:53 04 Apr 2003

The software for many cordless mice/keyboards often has an option to do what you want. I know the Genius ones do. Have a look in case it's there already and you only have to activate it.

  Simsy 00:03 05 Apr 2003

AubreyS, thanks... I was aware of that possibility. I specifically was after a visual indication that stays visible

AudioVic', again thanks, but I think what you have suggested determines the default status on starting.

Installer and fitshase, thank you. Between you I think you have found something. I really wanted something free... not because I'm against paying for software, but because if I don't get this for free it rather defeats the purpose of me getting the keyboard cheap in the first place!!

One of the one of the options you suggest I'd found, but $20 is too much.... another one is limited function free and another is only $5, that I can justify, so I'll try them both.

Thanks to everyone for your input. I'll report back subsequently.



  Simsy 00:11 05 Apr 2003


The information I'm getting from Labtec would seem to indicate that also... but it doesn't seem to be there!

I've trie dthe latest update from the site... but the date of that file is considerable earlier than on the provided CD. There is definately room for improvement there!



  Simsy 10:06 05 Apr 2003

I've tried, am happy with,and am about to register "Toggler" at $5.95. It does just what I want.

For your information I have this morning received another e-mail from labtec support. (They are quick to respond!)

The relevant part of the text is reproduced below... an earlier e-mail from them had referred to "iTouch" software.....

I am sorry for any confusion or misinformation you may have received.
You do not need to install iTouch software. This is Logitech
software and will not operate with your Labtec keyboard and mouse.
Unfortunately, at this time the Labtec software simply allows you to
use your Internet keys on the keyboard and does not have any Num
Lock/Caps Lock indicators. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience
or confusion this has caused.

Anyway, solved now so a tick will appear.



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