Numerous problems. DVD formatting and Sonic.

  Ronyap 22:34 08 May 2007


I have got:

>Nero 7 Ultra Edition
>Sonic MyDVD LE
>Drive Model: _NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A
>Windows XP
>Dell Inspiron Laptop

I have got a DVD + - Reader and writer, and I have just begun to use DVD + RWs. I only usually use - Rs you see. This is because I want to have a disc where I can easily share data with another person.

Right, I produce a 'Data Disc'on a +RW, and it come out fine. The only problem is that after Ive finished with the disc, I want to format it, so I can use it again. I have already wasted like a tonne of discs trying to find out how to re-use one disc. It doesnt let me format the RW discs!

Here is a picture of what happens when I try to format the disc via right-click > Format:

click here

Also it gave me this a few times:

click here

Ive tried it with CD-RWs, but I have found out that I MUST format it before I put data on, otherwise I will not be able to format it afterwards. BUT, this formatting process uses up 300mb of my CD space, leaving me 400 to use. Every time I format I loose like another 30 mb or something. Whats going on?! I cant 'Erase' the disc, as apparently, my disc is not 're-writeable' according to Sonic MyDVD. Is the software stupid? My disc is obviously Rewritable, how can it not detect that? It pops my disc out automatically giiving me this error msg.

in Nero, I have discovered that the only was I can use the 'Erase' option is when the disc is brand new. I cannot use the 'Erase' option once I have used the disc, well thats just great, 'Erase' is there to erase a blank disc.

click here

And...what happens if I erase it? This is so frustrating.

Sonic 'Run-Once' PROBLEM:
Since Nero doesnt have a 'Format' function, I have to rely on Sonic. However, I can only run Sonic once on my computer before it wont load anymore. I have to restart my computer and then I can use it once again. This is life I guess. Anyone can give me some enlightment? Why is Sonic rationing me to only one loading per computer time? I load it firtst time, fine, second time it doesnt load. Nothing happens. All I can gather is this. I do 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and this gives me the little box. I then try to load Sonic again, and something named 'Sysfader' appears for about a second and then disappears. This, I assume is the cause for preventing Sonic from loading.

Here's a Pic:

click here

3 problems to solve:

1) How do you re-use DVD - or + RWs?

2) How do you re-use CD-RWs without losing 300mbs each time formatting? What is the difference between Erasing and formatting? And how the hell do I get erasing to work without the disc being brand new?

3)Sonic. What in the world is causing it nothing. Why isnt it loading? Why does it only load once each time? Sysfader I think has something to do with it as mentioned before.

I will conclude my speech by saying PLEASE help me, otherwise my heads going to explode T___T


PS. Does Nero have a formatting function?

  MAJ 22:50 08 May 2007

Nero's "Formatting Function" is called INCD, it is usually installed along with the Nero Suite, but you have to choose to install it. Put in your Nero CD again, it should autorun and let you choose which applications to install, choose to install INCD.

  MAJ 23:02 08 May 2007

I'm using Nero 6, but I imagine Nero 7 can't be much different. To erase DVD±RWs, I use, but can't remember the last time I did use (because CD±RWs and DVD±RWs are so unreliable) the Nero interface, shown below.

click here

  woodchip 23:20 08 May 2007

You do not format the disc, In Nero go to Menu under record it should have Erase Re-writable disc

  Ronyap 17:32 09 May 2007


Do I erase the disc before I use it? Or do I go straight ahead and put data on?

But, as shown before, the button is greyed out:

click here


  woodchip 18:16 09 May 2007

Erase it first, You do not need to it with clean new discs

  Ronyap 18:37 09 May 2007

Can I just ask, do I format, or erase? Whats the difference?

  woodchip 18:59 09 May 2007


  Ronyap 19:50 09 May 2007

I cant erase though, as I have said before, its greyed out T_T

  Ronyap 20:03 09 May 2007

Heres a pic of the info of the disc in Nero and Sonic:


click here


click here

Data Disc:

click here
click here

Right, Im getting really fed up now. I have just installed InCD off the disc and tried to burn a DVD RW again. This time I realised that I can go into the directory without formatting the NEW disc, so I just dragged my video across. The InCD little box in the corner came up saying something about formatting the DVD for use. Then it transferred. The data is fine. Right, I now try to ERASE the disc...I CANT, coz its greyed out. And if I try to erase using InCD I get this!:

Here is the procedure I went through:

Firstly, I got a brand new Sony DVD-RW in my Drive:

click here

Next, I double Clicked it, and added some data by drag n drop:

click here

Now I pop it out, and pop it back in, and this is what I get, I try to erase it with what I have highlighted, namely InCD Erase:

click here

This is what I get:

click here

Disc info:

click here


  ICF 20:03 09 May 2007

What are the disc your using?

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