ponytail 13:14 29 May 2010

The number lock on my keyboard is of and I cannot see where to turn it on.It is a Technika Keyboard Model number is KEY then,ZERO,FIVE have had to write the three numbers in the model number as number lock is still off.Can someone advise how to turn it back on.

  MAT ALAN 13:22 29 May 2010

Its the one with NUM printed on it
press that one...

or am i missing something...

  MAT ALAN 13:22 29 May 2010


  ponytail 13:29 29 May 2010

Thanks guys I am having one of those mornings I must be blind I kept looking at the keyboard and just did not see it anyway problem solved and thanks once again.

  bremner 13:31 29 May 2010

Also to type this post you could still use numbers keys below the F Function keys.

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