number of green lights on NTL modem?

  p;3 23:32 29 Dec 2006

can anyone please confirm that there should be four green lights on an NTL modem?
at present we reportedly have only two


  User-312386 23:59 29 Dec 2006

what modem is it?

You should have Power: Receive: Send: Online:

I have an activity light as well, but i am telewest

  kev-a 00:00 30 Dec 2006

Which NTL modem have you got?

  kev-a 00:00 30 Dec 2006

Sorry to late with that question :(((

  p;3 00:19 30 Dec 2006

I will see if I can get that info and report back

the machine is at another location

  DeadBrick 13:11 30 Dec 2006

If it is the terayon tj210 it has to be changed for a newer one. I had mine replaced last week

  p;3 13:34 30 Dec 2006

he says the tv modem is an NTL pace model?

  birdface 17:21 30 Dec 2006

Like I said mine has 7 lights, 4 of them light up all the time,Has he just joined NTL and this is him setting it up, Or has he been with them for a while and just developed this fault,Must be a bit hard for you being Piggy in the middle,Hope you get it sorted,

  Air_Man 18:18 30 Dec 2006

I currently have 7 lights, 4 of which are on when data is not being sent or received. These are:

PWR ("Power" - on when the modem has power)
ENET ("Ethernet" on when it is connected to the PC via Ethernet port- I'm connecting to my PC via the ethernet port -not USB)
SYNC (not sure quite what this one means)
RDY ("Ready" - ready to operate?)

If he is connecting via USB, then the ENET light should be out and the USB light should be on. The other two are:

U/S ("UPSTREAM" - on when data is being uploaded/sent)
D/S ("DOWNSTREAM" - on when data is being downloaded/received)

I would guess if he has two lights on (if it is the same as mine) they will be "Power" and "ENET" (or USB depending on how you are connected to the PC).

If this is the case, he is not online and there is some sort of connection error. First thing to try is to unplug the power cable for a few seconds (while the PC is on and connected to the modem, and the modem is connected to the cable). Then plug it back in again. I do this whenever I am unable to get online and it usually works). If this fails, make sure everything is connected up and then shut down the PC and power off the modem for 10 seconds. Then power on the modem and leave it for 20 seconds or so to "initialise" - then turn on the PC. This always does the trick if the previous effort failed, UNLESS there is a problem at NTL's end - which I must say is very rare - twice in 4 years so far. If this is the case, I just leave it for a few hours, and try again).

Hope this helps.

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