Null Serial Cable?

  Bingalau 19:47 08 Apr 2005

I have recently purchased a new computer running XP Home Editon SP2, My old computer ran on windows 98SE. I have been informed that to move my files and other "guff" across to the new one, I will need a "Null Serial Cable" Can any of our experts confirm this and perhaps supply further information as to how to go about doing this job. What is a "Null Serial Cable" anyway?
Also, will the items on my older computer, such as Photoshop transfer across o.k.? You see I may seem a wee bit thick, but I really do not know what the difference is between a program and a folder etc.
So any information at all will be helpful. Once again "Thanks" in advance....Bingalau...

  TomJerry 19:56 08 Apr 2005

usb 2 version (fast) Ebuyer USB 2.0 Datalink Cable Retail Blister Pack £6.46 click here

usb 1 version (slow, but cheap) Ebuyer USB File Transfer Cable For Data Communication 5MBPS Data Transfer Rate 2MTR Retail Box £5.42 click here

you may have difficult to find "Null Serial Cable" becuase not many compuyer people use them any more

if your old PC has no usb port, parallel cable to link two computer's printer port maybe better option

  Bingalau 20:11 08 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, There was me thinking the null serial cable was something new? My older computer has got USB 2 Ports as of course has my new one. So I now know I have an alternative type of cabling if necessary. I will leave this thread open in case anyone else has any tips to add. ... Bingalau ..

  DieSse 00:50 09 Apr 2005

The USB cable is by far the best way to make the transfers - serial cables are verrryyyy slooowww.

You can transfer data across easily - but you can't transfer programs. Programs need to be installed from the original CDs or downloaded files. They scatter files around the system into different directories, and modify the system registry - so simply copying them will never suffice.

  DieSse 00:52 09 Apr 2005

I forgot to mention - XP has a "File and Settings Transfer Wizard" to help you transfer stuff across from an old computer.

It's in Accessories - System Tools in the menus.

  Bingalau 09:16 09 Apr 2005

Many thanks for that information also. I will now go to my local supplier and buy the necessary USB2 cable. I had already noticed the "File and Settings Transfer Wizard" on XP. So it is nice to have that confirmed too. My only downfall seems to be that I should never have lent out my Photoshop disk, because I never did get it back and the bloke I lent it to moved from the area and I've not seen him since. Ah well! they do say "Live and Learn". But yu would think that at 75 I should have known better...Once again many thanks to all helpers...Bingalau.

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